Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass amps updated and (re)stocked

Voultar’s popluar Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass amp makes a welcome return to our store today. We are now selling the second revision of the amp, which includes a number of improvements. Most significantly, it does not require any additional pull-up resistors to be added. You can grab one of these amps here, or if you need a fitting service for the part, click here.

Furthermore, we have also updated the installation guide with a few key points. We’ve added the section regarding the missing pull-up resistor for the revision 1 amp and also some notes about the required RGB SCART cable for a RGB bypassed console. Much to our surprise, we have found that a small number of PAL consoles actually output correctly attenuated sync when RGB bypassed, meaning that their SCART cables need to be modified to remove the resistor and capacitor that’s normally essential for proper operation. Be careful before you assume your console is one of these rogue models, removing the capacitor and resistor from the sync on a Megadrive SCART cable is usually a good way to damage your equipment.

You can view the updated installation guide here.

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