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Alrighty, firmware 0.76 is out, introducing x4 and x5 modes! I encourage everyone to check compatibility with these new modes and report back!

Here’s my findings with my Philips TV and BenQ G2420HD monitor:

       | Philips    || BenQ       |
Mode   | NTSC | PAL || NTSC | PAL |
x2     | Semi | Y   || Y    | Y   |
x3 Gen | Y    | N   || Y    | Y   |
x3 Opt | Y    | Y   || Y    | Y   |
x4 Gen | Y*   | N   || Y    | Y   |
x4 Opt | Y*   | N   || Y    | Y   |
x5 Gen | N/Y**| Y   || Y    | N   |
x5 Opt | N/Y**| Y   || Y    | N   |

* – got x4 modes to work finally! Checked the manual and saw that 1280×1024 (60Hz) PC mode should work, so i increased V.Active to 256 and decreased V.Backporch to below 6.

** – x5 works with GBI (263p, 59.82Hz) but not SNES (PAL modded, 262p, 59.53-59.70Hz) in NTSC mode. Considering that 50Hz SNES works in 1080p, would like to get my hands on a proper NTSC console as it might be the refresh rate.
UPDATE Could get SNES to work by using 1920×1200 mode and the reduce V.Active to 216 and V. Backporch to 2. However the image is shifted down and I can’t fix this until there is V.Frontporch adjustment available in firmware (I made a feature request about this).

Everything I threw at the BenQ worked, except x5 in PAL 50Hz. Scanlines are more or less uneven in all modes except x5 60Hz where they are perfect.