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    Woaw, that really sucks! First report of complete linedouble incompatibility. ? And on a Samsung, very surprising. You tried the basic trouble-shooting (outlined in post above yours)? It sounds too bad to be true kinda…

    Yeah, it’s a shame … And yes, I tried some adjustments on OSSC and TV, but without results (see the report post, I edited it).
    Thanks for your attention, mate!


    Detects input as interlaced, that really very weird… Last thing I would try (maybe you did already) is connect to the HDMI (DVI) input and manually rename the port to PC (as described under “Editing external devices”).


    Last thing I would try (maybe you did already) is connect to the HDMI (DVI) input and manually rename the port to PC (as described under “Editing external devices”).

    Yes, I also tried this and nothing changed. Unfortunately this option is just for ease identification of the ports, nothing related with resolution or aspect.

    Detects input as interlaced, that really very weird…

    Indeed … Now I am just putting my hopes on the new lineX features on future OSSC firmware update. Maybe this can solve the incompatibility.


    I’ve tested the OSSC with the following:
    Sony KDL-55W950B, line 2x OK, line 3x doesn’t work.

    Also tested with a Lumagen Vision HDP and a Lumagen VisionPro HDP.
    Both do line2x and line3x perfectly.

    Console I’ve tested with:
    NTSC SNES, PAL Wii with 240p test suite through component, Game Gear RGB modded.

    The OSSC does not work at all with the Yuan SC542 N4 HDMI capture card.

    Calle W

    Tried out my BenQ RL2460HT (aka Zowie RL2460) yesterday.

    x2: Yes
    x3: Yes
    480p x2: Yes
    SNES: Yes

    No issues really. The screen did go black a few times at first, but after switching to a different cable I’ve gotten zero blackouts.


    – SAMSUNG UN40KU6300GXZD (4k)
    240p x2: NO
    240p x3: NO
    480i: NO
    480p: YES
    480p x2: NO
    480i passtr: YES
    SNES: NO

    TV firmwware version at the moment: 1154

    Yes, unfortunattely there is no 240p support for this TV model at the moment. I tried all the 3 HDMI ports of the TV, all available picture modes (game mode, HDR mode and even soccer mode) and “HDMI UHD color function” (exclusive function from HDMI port 1), with no success. When turned on the OSSC, the TV detects resolution in as “SD 720X480 / 60p” and the pattern screen is shown normally , but when I turned on the 240p console (e.g. Sega Genesis), all I got is a black screen following an warning “resolution not supported”. The not supported resolution that TV detects is “720X480 / 60i”. On OSSC, the display shows “AV1: RGBS 262p 15.67kHz 59.84Hz” with green led, if INFO button on remote control is pushed, “Vmod: 240p LO: 524 VSM: 0” is shown. I also tried to change TX MODE between “HDMI and DVI. Nothing changes.

    Here is the instructions manual (that includes all supported resolutions info) for reference: ENG_US-JZISDBK-1.1.1.pdf
    Maybe in future OSSC firmware updates this information can be considerable.

    OSSC fw. v0.73


    – NTSC Sega Genesis using SCART “raw boosted sync” cable from retro_console_accessories. I get 480i with Sonic 2 (2 players screen) adjusting H-PLL Pre-Coast=3 and H-PLL Post-Coast=3.

    – NTSC SNES Mini modded with RGB Amp from retrofixes, using SCART csync cable from retrogamingcables. To get it working flawlessly on my Panasonic TV, I adjust Analog sync LPF=30MHz and H-PLL Pre-Coast=0.

    I have this same TV and tried with these two consoles (although with HDRetrovision’s component cables instead of SCART) and had the same problem. It’s weird because I know the TV is 240p compatible because I was previously able to play both these systems directly connected to the TV, and the TV even recognized their signals as 240p and displayed them flawlessly. I’m on the same firmware as well. Hoping future firmware updates can fix this.


    TV Sony jp : KDL46W900A
    SNES jp : OK
    double line : OK
    triple line : No Signal


    The LG 27MU67 4K monitor is fully compatible (linex2, linex3).

    I still need to complete my first run of tests, but it turned out to be really good with both native NTSC 60hz systems (Japanese Mega Drive) and PAL50 sources (I’ve tested a few PAL, 50hz-only XBOX games).


    I found a workarond solution with my home theater. I updated my post, please see again.
    Please post your TV model and everything you tried to do, so Harrumph can put in the list.


    Since I updated my post with a lot detailed information, I was thinking if I could split the post, letting the already created post only for Samsung model, and creating another one for Panasonic, so everything will be less confused. What you think? Please let me know.


    I think it’s fine to have them both in the same post. Glad that the AV receiver helped out with all most issues! Just noticed SNES didn’t work, that’s a shame.


    Alrighty, firmware 0.76 is out, introducing x4 and x5 modes! I encourage everyone to check compatibility with these new modes and report back!

    Here’s my findings with my Philips TV and BenQ G2420HD monitor:

           | Philips    || BenQ       |
    Mode   | NTSC | PAL || NTSC | PAL |
    x2     | Semi | Y   || Y    | Y   |
    x3 Gen | Y    | N   || Y    | Y   |
    x3 Opt | Y    | Y   || Y    | Y   |
    x4 Gen | Y*   | N   || Y    | Y   |
    x4 Opt | Y*   | N   || Y    | Y   |
    x5 Gen | N/Y**| Y   || Y    | N   |
    x5 Opt | N/Y**| Y   || Y    | N   |

    * – got x4 modes to work finally! Checked the manual and saw that 1280×1024 (60Hz) PC mode should work, so i increased V.Active to 256 and decreased V.Backporch to below 6.

    ** – x5 works with GBI (263p, 59.82Hz) but not SNES (PAL modded, 262p, 59.53-59.70Hz) in NTSC mode. Considering that 50Hz SNES works in 1080p, would like to get my hands on a proper NTSC console as it might be the refresh rate.
    UPDATE Could get SNES to work by using 1920×1200 mode and the reduce V.Active to 216 and V. Backporch to 2. However the image is shifted down and I can’t fix this until there is V.Frontporch adjustment available in firmware (I made a feature request about this).

    Everything I threw at the BenQ worked, except x5 in PAL 50Hz. Scanlines are more or less uneven in all modes except x5 60Hz where they are perfect.


    Sony KDL-40BX400

    x4 doesn’t work

    x5 works in 1080p output. Image is amazing, but too cropped for PC Engine. Didn’t try another console.


    Update for my Samsung UE32H6200 it works in every mode:
    480 pass


    Ha. Nice one.

    Samsung 55H8200 with the optional Connect box (SEK 3500), which makes it virtually a 55J82xx.


    All pass for Mega Drive (PAL with NTSC switch). PAL was a bit more picky (2x works. The Rest does not).

    However. One thing still bugs me. Contra Hard Corps (and a bunch oft other games) sometimes lose sync. Not sure why. Contra just loses it with the intro. So that does not pain me as much. However Lunar always loses it before cutscenes. Thats a bit less ideal. Any ideas?

    4x and 5x are detected as PC inputs. And here’s the kicker. SNES works now with 5x and 4x. Always desynced with 2x and 3x.

    Also. I still had a Scart to Component converter around. That also fixed SNES for 3x mode. But I guess I dont need that anymore.


    Update on my LG 47LD450-ZA (I’ll test my Samsung & Sony TV’s soon)

    Lx2 YES| Lx3 YES | Lx4 YES | Lx5 YES (all 3 resolution modes) | SNES YES

    tested with a 60hz modded SNES, a 60hz modded Mega Drive and an NTSC PS1.

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