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    I meant to follow up myself, but I had a chance to test the NES, SNES, and Genesis on the 50 inch TCL 50S535. Can’t remember what 240p passthrough did, however 2x through 5x worked flawlessly in both generic 4:3 and optimized profiles for all consoles. The picture on the screen was in 4:3.


    Anyone tested a Samsung 4k UE50TU7020? Don’t want to sink money into a 4k TV that won’t be compatible with my profiles


    I got a Pioneer KRL-32V LCD TV. It make a great picture quality but it has some problems on some resolutions and frequencys.
    I wolud use it with different inputs like Sega Saturn, Amiga (RGB, Indivision VGA and VGA from A3000) and Japanese PC X68000 and FM Towns.
    These both have sometimes 24khz and 55hz. While my “old” HD Ready LG LCD Tv has no Problems with these (must use passthrough or 2x) the Pioneer says wrong Signal.
    Anyone a Idea what can i do ? It would be so nice to use the Pioneer.

    Michal Stepien

    Hello, I got Samsung TV qe55q77a and SNES PAL 1CHIP modded with FFVIMAN mod + OSSC. I have no dejitter installed thus 5x virtually does not work for NTSC. In PAL games TV claims that the “resolution is unknown” thus there is no problem stability at all 😀 So I’m stuck with 3x and that is fine. TV has 10.6ms of input lag in case of 720p@60hz so it is very playable.

    in PAL 3x I had a grey 1cm bar at the very bottom of the screen. But I fixed that with TX mode -> HDMI (YCbCr444).


    I tried some budget TVs recently with my NTSC NES and SNES. These are all ones you can buy on Amazon UK right now:

    TCL 43C720K QLED
    Everything worked including 5x. The blacks smeared (VA panel). Measured about 20 to 25ms (top/centre) with the Time Sleuth. After a cold TV boot, game mode turns off even though it says it’s on, so get bad lag until you turn game mode off and on again (Google TV bug?).

    LG 43UP81006LR
    Everything worked including 5x, this was a DLED IPS panel. I could see the LED grid on solid colours during scrolling which ruins an otherwise very promising budget TV. Time Sleuth measured only about 7ms at the top, about 12 centre so good TV for low lag.

    Toshiba 43UK3163DB
    Only up to 3x worked. Also a DLED IPS but could not see the LED grid this time. Lag was about 16 to 23ms (top/centre) but experienced horrible stutters every few seconds or so with scrolling. I guess it doesn’t like for eg 60.08Hz and is running at 60Hz skipping frames. I would stay clear of this one.

    Panasonic JX600BZ
    Up to 4x worked, but I had some tearing issue with 4:3. I could resolve this by either going to 14:9 and back again, or 16:9 and back again. 3x seemed consistent and problem-free (as I could avoid needing to set the TV to 4:3). I think this is an ELED and the picture/brightness uniformity was excellent. I think it’s an IPS, at least there was no black smearing. 10 to 18ms (top/centre) of lag which was good. Overall I like this one even though 5x doesn’t work.


    -480i PS2 Lx3 for does NOT work, but passthrough, Lx2 and Lx4 work. For 480i, passthrough is preferred as the C1 does the best job of cleanly deinterlacing compared to the other modes.
    -480p Xbox works for passthrough and Lx2. At first 480p passthrough wasn’t working but somehow I did something to make it work, just not sure how or why. For 480p, Lx2 + upsample2x is preferred.
    -I did not test other consoles. Maybe someone can suggest a way to get Lx3 to work with the PS2?
    -Firmware: .86a

    Like most TVs, my C1 55 OLED forces 4:3 pillar masks for most signals it deems as or close to “4:3”, even if the TV is set to original aspect ratio. Other signals are automatically stretched to the full 16:9 width and this cannot be altered on the set with any zoom or aspect ratio mode. As a result, the only ways to resize the image are to use h. active and v. active, h. sample rate, with sync length and back porch values for positioning. The end result of the pillar masks is you cannot see the full width of a 720×480 signal either in 1.363 (which is the correct aspect ratio for the full Xbox 720×480 signal, ex. Ninja Gaiden), or 1.5 (for which is not ideal but useful for testing purposes). You can see the full width in 1.33, but then the image will be slightly squeezed. In the case of 1.363, a few lines on both sides will be cut off by the pillar masks, however games that use a smaller area of the signal will still be fully visible (ex. Burnout 3: Takedown).

    Anderson Vianna

    Can someone pls tell me a 32′ tv I can buy on Amazon to use my snes baby with rgb mode + OSSC (through scart ssnync) using at least 3x with full screen?

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