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    Sony KDL-40BX400

    Pc Engine (Composite Video as Sync) works after little sync tweaking.
    PC-FX Works via an old DVD recorder to convert S-video to RGB

    x2 works
    x3 works!


    First Sony I’ve heard of where X2 works, nice one!


    You mean x3? πŸ˜‰


    I mean x3 πŸ™‚

    Calle W

    BenQ G2400WD

    SFC – works in both x2 and x3. Both generic and optimized x3 work.

    480p x2 – tested with SSBM (Wii, using the official component cable). Works after setting analog sync Vth to 0 and then working your way up to 123mV. Once the picture pops up, it stays. No dropouts after 30 minutes of constant play. Sync LPF set to max.

    Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI

    SFC – works in x2 and x3 without any issues as long as HDMI/DVI bandwidth is set to 125% in the driver. Optimized x3 does not work properly due to a color component issue.

    480p x2 – Once again, tested with SSBM. Works without having to play with coast or Vth settings. Picture might drop out at times (.1s at most) when sync LPF is not on the max setting. Picture is very sharp. If desired, this can be reduced by setting the sharpness level below 32 in the driver settings. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

    Be sure to set output color range to shrink in the driver and keep auto lev. ctrl on. Under signal colorimetry it will always say BT601 for some reason, but it records everything properly. When using the x3 mode and 480p x2 (after setting YPbPr input Color Space to Rec. 709 that is) it all comes out with accurate colors.

    The card allows you to record at any frame rate. However, when recording N64 footage at 59.82, the audio desyncs (it starts getting ahead of the video) after about 30 minutes or so. After two hours the audio incredibly far ahead. This only happens when using the line in on the capture card itself. The driver says the refresh rate of the signal is 59.94Hz, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. When routing the audio via a USB mixer, the audio seems to be synced at all times. I’m gonna record a long session today to try this out further.


    Very odd that you should need Sync LPF with a Wii.


    Philips 32PFL6606H | Lx2 Y| Lx3 Y | SNES Y*
    SNES works in 50Hz Lx2 only, 60Hz (59.53 to be exact) Lx3 only… A bit strange. Also cannot sync with 256×240 optimized mode (tried some tweaking without luck), but both Generic modes work.
    GameBoy Interface in ULL works fine (59.72Hz) in Lx3 or Lx2, but suffers from some crosshatching or shimmering in Lx2 which is hardly noticeable in Lx3.
    On this TV I would say scaling is not too hot for 480p material, thank god Lx3 works! πŸ™‚

    Calle W

    Sync LPF is only needed for 480p x2, but it’s really odd anyway. None of the other consoles I’ve tried need it.


    Panasonic TCP 42 S1 : 2X, 3x doesn’t work.
    So yes, panasonic doesn’t like those mode…..

    Console use, Pal snes mod. Gamecube, Xbox, Genesis, turbografx.


    Did some more testing with my SNES and Philips TV and turns out linetriple DOES work at 50 Hz BUT only in optimised mode… Notably, 60Hz optimised is the ONLY mode where the OSSC doesn’t sync. Interesting to see if the advanced sync options in the upcoming firmware may do something about this…

    To clarify,

    SNES mode.    Lx3 mode.    OSSC sync.      TV image.
    50Hz.         Generic.       Yes.            No. 
    50Hz.         Optimised.     Yes.            Yes. 
    60Hz.         Generic.       Yes.            Yes. 
    60Hz.         Optimised.     No.             No.

    Panasonic TC-P50G20

    x2: Yes
    x3: No
    480p x2: No
    SNES: Yes

    Tested consoles (all NTSC):
    PC Engine Duo R (usually needs analog sync LPF)
    PS2 (both PS2 and PS1 games)
    Xbox (1080i didn’t work)

    Other notes:
    No GBI ULL, but GBI LL still works.
    3x and 480p 2x will display if converted for the VGA port, but the image is squashed and parts of the screen are noticeably wavy that I couldn’t resolve.


    New units going out soon, so bump for more reports!


    Philips 32PFL6606H | Lx2 Y| Lx3 Y | SNES Y*
    SNES works in 50Hz Lx2 only, 60Hz (59.53 to be exact) Lx3 only…

    I’ve seen that behaviour on Philips sets too.


    Panasonic TC-P55VT60
    x2 yes | x3 yes* | x4 yes* | X5 no | SNES yes
    *Adjustment required via advanced timing tweaker. Set to 256, reduce V.backporch to 6 and finally, reduce to 240.

    Samsung UA55D6000SMXXY
    x2 yes | x3 yes | SNES untested


    Samsung LE32T51BX

    x3 doesn’t work
    SNES works

    This is an old 720p set from 2006. It has dreadful native handling of RGB SCART, and the OSSC makes it a joy to use.

    Tested a variety of consoles including PAL Mega Drive, PAL Dreamcast, NTSC Super Famicom and PAL PS2.

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