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    I have a Panasonic TX-32LMD70A, it’s a pretty old TV but latency is really low (about 1 to 2 frames compared to a CRT; I split a signal to test), has really good blacks and sound quality is rich. I thought I’d share my findings here. I’ve tried the following consoles but haven’t had any success getting anything other than 2x working:

    PAL N64 (TWRGB)

    Following advice on the pinned “TIPS & TWEAKS” thread, I tried playing with and v.bachpoch but I never get a picture. I read in my manual that HDMI port 1 can accept DVI, so I’ve set the OSSC to DVI but that hasn’t helped. I guess there’s no hope here but 2x (480p) does look pretty decent, I just wondered if I could get it looking even crisper and if getting 720p or 1080p would give even less lag.


    I got my hands on a Samsung LE32C530F1W(XXU) (another old TV) and with the same consoles listed in my previous post, 2x, 3x and 4x work on all of them without any tweaks, but 5x doesn’t. It’s interesting to see that 3x and 4x are a bit crisper but the jump from 1x to 2x is most dramatic; 6 feet away I probably couldn’t notice the difference between 2x and 4x, but I could 1x to 2x. This TV has about 3 or 4 frames of lag, the sound is tinny and has pretty bad motion blur.


    Console used: Sega Mega Drive 1
    Paired with OSSC

    TV: Loewe Planus PL530 30″
    Notes: This TV does not support HDMI inputs, only component or VGA. Using an HDMI to VGA/Component Converter did not work at all.
    Reasons: Component Inputs do not support progressive scanning.
    VGA is a direct 480p Signal ONLY needing 15Khz RGBs
    Solution would be a SCART-VGA Upscaler/Transcoder that outputs 480p @ 15Khz


    VGA is a direct 480p Signal ONLY needing 15Khz RGBs

    VGA is a 31khz signal not 15khz. The VGA standard does not have any 15khz modes at all, so I would think it was your VGA converter not working properly in this instance.


    I was testing the monitor of a friend.
    This one has the most promising results so far.
    In some games line doubling wasnt really noticeable at all but in others it made quite a difference.
    I tried the The Legend of Zelda Collection because there are some old games on there as well like TLOZ NES/II Links Adventure/OOT.
    Ocarina of Time was a huge difference and looked much better with Line4X.
    Super Mario Galaxy 1,2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl also looked better than before.
    It wasnt really noticeable in Skyward Sword(probably because of the strange art style) and in the gamecube version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2.

    Tested on Wii(PAL)
    Samsung LS24F354FHUXEN:
    *24″ 1080P 60Hz Monitor

    Passthru: No
    Line2X: Yes
    Line3X: Yes
    Line4X: Yes
    Line5X: Yes

    Passthru: Yes
    Line2X : Yes

    Passthru: No
    Line2X: Yes
    Line3X: Yes
    Line4X: Yes

    Luis Fonseca

    Just got my ossc. Thought i should contribute…

    I’m using my Megadrive modded to 60hrt

    My set is a LG 6300
    3x work’s great
    4x work’s great
    5x work’s great

    Loaded with firebands profiles.
    Hope i could help this thread somehow…


    has anyone ever tested one of these with an insignia (best buy budget brand) flatscreen TV? just bought an OSSC today and am nervous to find out whether 3x will work on this cheap a$$ TV of mine


    Seems my OP disappeared when trying to update it… Luckily I made a backup locally. Can you help restore the post Bucko?


    Hi !

    Anyone know the compatibility level of Panasonic OLEDs like the TX55GZ950E ?

    I want to buy an OSSC for Gamecube and PS1, and im afraid with compatiblity :'(


    It will probably be able to do Lx3 with tweaks, as reported for EZ950 and FZ950 models.
    See the entries in OP.


    Can anyone help? I bought an RGB modded N64 (JPN NTSC, model number NUS-001) which can play PAL games.

    I can’t get it to display anything through my OSSC on my Samsung tv (Model UE55MU7070). I can get it to work through Line 2x on the Panasonic TV downstairs so I was wondering if I need to tinker with anything? Obviously I’ve given it a go but I can’t get it to work.



    Do you see the test pattern on the Samsung? Reminds me of a post of a user with a Samsung using a ”one connect box”.
    Also this is not a general support thread. 😉

    Brian Rivera

    TCL 50S535 will force as 16:9-ish aspect ratio across all native 4:3 content with no option of adjusting the screen.

    2x, 3x, 4x worked with 480i content. Passthru mode results in a squished, horizonal image that is unplayable.


    That’s unfortunate. Did you try any 240p source or just 480i?


    ViewSonic Elite XG270QG

    Tested with PS1, PS2, TW’s RGB modded N64 and Sega MegaDrive.

    Only works properly at x3, but not at every optimized mode (PS1 256×240 only works at x2, for example). Passthrough and x2 don’t look good or it’s just 16:9. x4 and x5 got no signal.

    In conclusion, not suitable at all for ossc, and it’s a shame because it’s such a good 1440p monitor for everything else.

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