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    I was hoping if someone had experience connecting OSSC 1.6 to a Samsung KS7000 TV
    With the unit powered on and HDMI connected i have tried;
    Every HDMI 1-4 port on the one connect box
    Changed the HDMI to PC and GAME modes
    Tried x4 HDMI cables
    Am i missing something i.e splitter

    With an RGB modified N64 using retro gaming cable connected via RGB scart
    The menu screen of the OSSC detects the N64

    Sorry if this a noob question but ive spent 2 days reading the wiki and googling and i cant find anything
    According to my TV spec i should be able to receive the 480p test signal
    I dont know if my unit is defective and ive no access to another TV to test
    Any help would be appreciated


    Every HDMI 1-4 port on the one connect box

    This is some kind of switch? Try connecting without it directly to the TV.

    What fw version are you on?

    Not displaying the test pattern is quite unusual. Worst case your unit may be bad.


    The switcher thing is the one connect box it comes with the Samsung tv

    After having a look in the service menu I can see that I’ve got a aeid error.
    Looks like my OSSC is probably okay but my one connect box has broke.

    After trying to get a signal through my tv with the OSSC with no joy
    I could see there was a recent firmware update for my tv (1240)
    I updated and seem to have somehow bricked the connect box.
    I think the OCB was on its way out as I used my PC (which is connected to tv via hdmi same box) and I had a picture.

    All hdmi stopped working.
    I only realised after I had posted here.
    I’ve ordered a new one connect
    Should be here Tuesday.
    I’ll post an update

    Would be interested to know, if anyone has a similar setup to mine with the 1240 fw update, and there OCB is still working.

    Thanks for reply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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