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    LG UN7000 55 inch

    Tested about 12 hours of SNES on this, with both Line 2x and 3x modes. It has never dropped video signal. (Although about once every 10 minutes the audio drops out for a second, but I think this is due to my sound system and not the TV.)
    The TV even works with Line 1x mode and knows that it is a ‘240p’ signal.
    My SNES does not have a “dejitter” mod. I only just found out such a thing existed because of this thread.

    Tested Sega Saturn for about five minutes, seemed OK.

    I chose this TV based on the RetroRGB video at which claimed that an older model of LG TV worked well, and also based on the table at which shows the TVs with the lowest input lag at 1080p 60Hz. This TV has 11ms of lag, apparently, which is pretty good. The very best TV on that table is still 9.2ms. I have also tested the input lag with my Leo Bodnar lag tester and got a result of around 11.9ms, which is probably within the margin of error.

    However, after picking this TV out (I originally wanted the LG UN7300), I have read some bad reviews, specifically that this TV has “RGBW” subpixels and not “RGB” subpixels, which is apparently bad. I don’t have a microscope to verify this myself, but I can tell that the colors sometimes look worse than even my old 2007 model Samsung TV, and it is not super impressive with displaying my PC desktop.

    I found this thread because I am curious, what other new TVs with similar low input lag, are compatible with the OSSC/SNES? I have a big return window on this LG UN7000, so I am considering trying a different TV instead.


    You can read some about LGs RGBW screen in the post below. However, it is a few years old now so it’s unclear to me if the issues are the same on new sets.


    I bought this TV a few weeks ago, I may be able to play around with it a bit this weekend and see if there’s anything I can figure out. I don’t use this as my primary gaming TV so it’s no problem for me, but it would be nice to have the option to use it if needed.


    I’m not sure, and I have nothing to compare it to. I thought of trying to get the UN6950, which is apparently only sold at Walmart, and apparently has a regular RGB pixel type. I’m guessing it would work pretty similarly to the one I have, but I wish someone else had tried and could confirm.
    These are budget TVs coincidentally. Mine was about $350. I’d probably be willing to spend more, but all the low lag sets seem to be around this price, or north of $1000, without much in between. I don’t know if I care enough to spend three times as much for what I use it for, especially if I am unsure of compatibility.

    Jon Nielsen

    Thanks for the tip. I’m actually on the lookout for a new-ish TV of reasonable quality and price with the only purpose of retro and 1080p max gaming, and had heard good things about LG.

    Is it this one by chance? 43LM6300PLA

    Jon Nielsen

    Oops, forgot to quote Luis in my reply.

    Anyway bought the TV, and I can confirm that 43LM6300PLA from LG works great for OSSC.

    I tested 5x mode and 256 optimal for SNES (with DeJitter) and NESRGB (without DeJitter). Generic 1-5x also works fine.


    I’m about to buy an ossc but wanted to ask about lG UN7300 compatibility. Has anyone tried it, I’m interested to know if I can get at least 2x. Will be playing mega drive , Saturn and Dreamcast via vga.


    I got the OSSC today I can confirm LG UN7300 compatibility for the following
    Mega drive: 5x
    Saturn: 4x (5x is ok for 10 secs then its all over the place


    I got the OSSC today I can confirm LG UN7300 compatibility for the following
    Mega drive: 5x
    Saturn: 4x (5x is ok for 10 secs then its all over the place)


    Hi All,

    Does anyone have experience with a Samsung 4k UE43RU7020 ? Thanks in advance.


    I’m not sure about that Samsung but it works with the Samsung UN40MU6290F 40 inch 4k LED smart tv.

    Btw, if you can’t get it to work on your tv, I just brought a html 4k up/down scaler from OREI model xd-4000 and I was able to get the output of the OSSC to conform to standard 1080p that my usb-c only C-force touch screen monitor accepts through the Siig hdml to usb-c adapter. The orei upscaler has almost no lag and seems to work great with the OSSC. I just got it today so I have to test it on more monitors/tvs.

    PS: I still can’t get it to work with the ASUS ROG swift PG278Q monitor. But I am not sure if it is the hdmi to dp adapter or the monitor itself not accepting the sync.



    I just got my OSSC a couple of days ago and I gave it a try with my Panasonic UHD OLED TV (55GZ1000).

    I was messing around with the display settings for the Wii (US NTSC, using the HD Retrovision component cable, brand new) and it doesn’t look like my TV can display the Wii at 480p line2x. Only passthrough works, giving me only 480p.

    Am I missing something here? Because if my TV isn’t compatible with line2x, I bought the OSSC for nothing 🙁

    I need to hook up my PS2 later to see if I have the same problem.

    Thanks for your help guys!


    Hi guys,
    I own a Sony XBR49X900F 4K TV and was wondering if anyone has had good luck using an OSSC with it. The compatibility list has a TV listed that’s very similar-sounding to my model, but that one is the XBR49X900E, and mine is the XBR49X900F. I figured if the OSSC works with the “E” model, then it probably would work fine with the one I have, but I just wanted to be sure.



    TCL 50S535 will force as 16:9-ish aspect ratio across all native 4:3 content with no option of adjusting the screen.

    2x, 3x, 4x worked with 480i content. Passthru mode results in a squished, horizonal image that is unplayable.

    Wanted to follow up on this. I just got the same model, the 65in – TCL 65S535. Great price for me at under $500, my first dip into 4K so I didn’t need anything crazy top of the line.

    I haven’t had too much time to play around with how it plays with the OSSC, but I haven’t had any issues yet. Not sure if Brian is still around to reply, but if I’m understanding correctly, it’s only when passthrough is used that issues arrive?

    If it’s native 4:3 that causes problems, does anyone know something that would even benefit by using passthrough? I guess in general if someone doesn’t like the OSSC’s bob deinterlacing they would use passthrough, but besides that I can’t think of anything. Anything 4:3 that I have would be either going through the OSSC or a DVDO VP50. The only analog inputs are coax and composite, so not much reason to use those.

    I’ve only used 240p via SNES and 480i via PS2 so far. 240p was easily able to go up to 5x. I can try and take some pictures soon. Sorry for the rambling!


    Hi guys!
    I didn’t use my ossc for a while because i moved to another place.
    I have a new TV since a couple of months and decided to connect my new TV, OSSC and my Wii(Wii->component cable->OSSC->TV).
    My new TV (Sony XH9005 65″) seems to support really all possible Resolutions on the Wii/GC/Virtual Console stuff(x3,3x,4x,etc…). But to be honest the difference is not that big here. I mean there are definetely some differences but they are hard to notice at times. Im using the “original” size mode in my TV settings wich seems to keep the size without streching the picture(But I have black bars).
    If i strech the picture it looks worse but i suppose that is not intended when using an ossc anyway? Does anyobody else have experiences with this TV or a similar model?

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