Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Ha. Nice one.

Samsung 55H8200 with the optional Connect box (SEK 3500), which makes it virtually a 55J82xx.


All pass for Mega Drive (PAL with NTSC switch). PAL was a bit more picky (2x works. The Rest does not).

However. One thing still bugs me. Contra Hard Corps (and a bunch oft other games) sometimes lose sync. Not sure why. Contra just loses it with the intro. So that does not pain me as much. However Lunar always loses it before cutscenes. Thats a bit less ideal. Any ideas?

4x and 5x are detected as PC inputs. And here’s the kicker. SNES works now with 5x and 4x. Always desynced with 2x and 3x.

Also. I still had a Scart to Component converter around. That also fixed SNES for 3x mode. But I guess I dont need that anymore.