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Here’s the step-by-step instructions. Looks like destinydoom has maybe found the answer from the manual for the VT50Y. If I were you I’d still try this FM DVI process. I’m a bit sceptical about the comprehensiveness off Panasonic user manuals, I just checked the manual for the P55VT60A (my exact model) and it doesn’t mention any of the DVI resolutions that I’ve found are compatible (1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, etc).

– Plug FM directly to TV or receiver (IE, not via OSSC).
– Open the FM main menu then open DVI OUTPUT.
-Select an output resolution and hit OK.
– Wait a few seconds while your TV attempts to display the signal.
– If the FM screen is displayed with a Cancel/Ok option in the bottom-left of screen, your TV is compatible. Take a note of the resolution.
– If nothing is displayed this means your TV is not compatible with that resolution. Hitting OK again will revert to the previous resolution and display the FM menu.
– Repeat with other DVI resolutions

Once you’ve established which resolutions your TV accepts, you can use Harrumph’s trick to determine if it is also compatible with OSSC Lx3/4/5.