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Great work! This got 3x and 4x working on my panasonic tc-p50-s60! Tested on Genesis, SNES, N64.

After setting V. Active to 256 I had to turn V. backporch down to 3 before I got picture.

I’m not happy with the result personally, how do I get the aspect ratio right? It looks way off, especially in 3x. There are also some blurry areas and some not.

And even then, I’d still be stuck with the borders all the way around without using another scaler in between?

At this point I’ll be sticking with 2x. The picture in a window is probably too much even if I can tweak out the aspect and pixel sharpness. 2x just works and looks great on my plasma, but I love tweaking and will appreciate any other tips.

I’ll let you know if I have any luck with your other 5x tips.