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Samsung UN50H5203AF (50in 1080p TV) Supports all output modes (including 240p passthru) and SNES.
Samsung Syncmaster 930MP (19in 1280×1024 TV/monitor) Supports Line2X, Line3x, Line4x and SNES.
Samsung Syncmaster 940MW (19in 1440×900 TV/monitor) Supports Line2X, Line3x, Line4x and SNES.
HP LP2475w (24in 1920×1200 computer monitor) Supports Line2X, Line3x, Line4x. SNES mostly works, but the display is unstable. Surprised that Line5x doesn’t work at all. When it works, the display is fantastic.

Source Devices
Apple IIgs Works out of the box, but Line4x and Line5x are recommended for 640×200 mode. Needs manual timing for pixel perfect output. There is noise on the output (weird shimmering) when using the AV3 input and displaying 640×200 video. My TV’s sharpness function filters most of it out though. I don’t have a SCART cable for the IIgs to test, but I bet the LPF on AV1 will filter out the interference as well.

Amiga 4000 with Video Toaster Works out of the box using advanced timings found here on the forum. The biggest problem I had was getting the OSSC to switch into interlaced mode when the machine switched output. The OSSC would stay in 240p mode, but would usually detect interlaced mode when I switched between inputs. I suspect the official Commodore DB23 to HD15 adapter is to blame. This adapter has a sync seperater in it and outputs true H+V sync. The OSSC might not properly detect interlaced signals on AV3 when using H+V sync.

Capture Cards
AVerMedia HD DVR (C027) Works with Line2x mode via HDMI input and with SNES. Line3x was hit or miss (usually miss).
Epiphan DVI2PCIe Works with all output modes and SNES.