Reply To: OSSC and ABT Scalers (VP30,50,Edge)


I have a little hiccup with my setup (OSSC + DVDO iScan Duo):

The different consoles I hooked up to my OSSC all produce slightly shifted and scaled images on my TV. As far as I can tell, the DVDO doesn’t have a preset/profile functionality for different profiles on a single input. All my retro stuff feeds into the HDMI1 input (through a Scart switch and lastly the OSSC).

Since Line4X doesn’t make sense on my PAL 288p consoles, I use Line3X for these. All interlaced sources such as my PAL Gamecube or some PS2 games are set to passthru mode, so that my DVDO can take care of deinterlacing.

Is there a way to set the OSSC so that all the console connected to it send a perfectly screen filling image to the DVDO?

Thanks 🙂