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Ok guys 🙂 heres the update.


Well, I must say everything is going its way… You can check the current state of the product in the photo.

I ran into some Chip pins bends that was incredible hard to solve due the minuscule size of them, but thankfully I had a 0.5mm sodering point and a x10 glass that make my life somewhat easier…

Now that the top side of the board is finished, I realized that I made quite a lot of mistakes soldering the bottom Res. and Caps. with a 1.0mm point, and since I cannot trust my work down there, The only solution is to redo all the work underside, besides the biggest chips and voltage regulators, that adds up to another 50+ components to go, sight…

I will place the LCD the very last thing, that’s why its currently missing from the photo. :p

Now The issues:
I have no f clue how to solder the D6, D7, #59 ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes, really, they have no pins and they beat me, the pads are also almost invisible small and, even with my soldering tech of pre-solder the pads, I’m afraid of doing something and ruin the components, since, they are so small I left the HDMI out for now since I will not be able to access them so easily if I solder it in place.

I’m missing the U7, #8 voltage regulator since mouser again is out of stock, this is the biggest component that I need right now… ¿any alternative?

And that’s pretty much it, the same parts as before are still out of stock in any page that I checked (ir receiver…), so now I’m just waiting for some input from you guys, on that missing voltage regulator, and I will order the last batch of components before switching the thing on and praying for the best.

If successfull I will upload a new tutorial with photos and everything, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. lol.

Oh yes, almost forgot: The push buttons SW2 & SW3, and the Y2 frequency barrel crystal can be placed in any direction right? Their orientation wasn’t defined so either way is fine, or so I though. Also the D6 and D7 do they have an orientation, but I’m somewhat lost about the placement, I see a dot on the chip itself but I’m not sure how to position it on the board with the placement marks. ¿Any info on this?

cheers. 🙂