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I’ve built 6 OSSCs successfully so far, so maybe I can help.

For the RCLAMP parts, I managed to solder these with just a standard iron and medium chisel tip, believe it or not. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

I’d recommend a strong magnifying glass or microscope, or if you have none of these (like me) use a good camera with zoom/macro feature so you can check your work.

Tin the pads on the PCB thoroughly – make sure you get all of them as they’re tiny, and put lots of flux on both them and the components.
Hold the part in place with tweezers, get a large bead of solder on the end of your iron, and run it up and down the side of the part until it flows underneath. The part will want to almost “snap” into place due to surface tension.

The centre pad runs through both sides of the part, so once you have that pad soldered, the rest becomes easier.

When you think you have soldered one side, wipe your iron, flux the other side of the part, get a new bead of solder onto the iron and again, run it along the edge. Take care not to knock the part off the pads – use tweezers to help stabilise it.

Check your work frequently, and eventually you should have the following: (click the images to get fullsize)

Also – note the orientation. When looking towards the back of the HDMI port, the text on the RCLAMP parts should be readable and not upside down.

Once you think you are done, check continuity between the pins of the IT6613 and the HDMI port – just follow the traces that go through the RCLAMP parts. If you get continuity, you are golden. Also check that adjacent pints are not shorted.

If you have a hot air station, it gets much easier, as you can tin and flux the pads, place the part, and just heat it. The surface tension makes it simply snap into place.

Button orientation – yes, they can be placed any way. I like to put the dots towards the left as you look at the front of thew OSSC, but it’s just personal preference. The 2-legged crystal also can be placed any way.

Do you still need IR receivers? I have a small stock of these, about 4 I think. Where are you located?

Also, did you order from OSH Park? If so – nice – it looks like the plated slot fixes I sent to marqs have worked for you too, so that double-verifies them 🙂

Hope this helps – good luck!