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Just for the heck of it, I tried the sound suggestion Bonzo made a few times, but no such luck. Thank you for the suggestion though 🙂 I got lucky though for my streaming purposes. Even though my monitor doesn’t seem to pick up the HDMI audio in x3 or x4, my capture card (Avermedia HD C985) does. So that’s actually the more important part. Now I just use the 3.5mm jack for my speakers.

Also, seriously Bucko. The remote on this thing is GREAT! Whenever I used the XRGB remote I had to find like the perfect sweet spot to get a response from it and it was quite annoying having to hold my arm in the exact position every time I wanted to make changes or do testing. It would give me neck cramps. Now I can just casually point in its general direction and it’s no problem. Thanks for that!