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I ordered an OSSC way back on July 12th with a PSU added. I really wish I was given the option to get the money back and pointed to something on Amazon that could power the OSSC. I do not want to wait until December for something that was slated to be shipped in 90 days, at the worst. (I ordered prior to that change being made to the order form.)

I’ve got a number of retro systems sitting around waiting for this device to come in. It is really annoying that it seems as though because the PSUs aren’t coming in, that you’re screwing over those who decided to order one by sending them to those who ordered well after we did.

Sorry but I don’t understand you. I promised batch 2 for mid-October. The OSSCs came in early, the PSUs are on time, that means batch 2 is on schedule basically.

Nobody is getting “screwed over”. Why do you think you will need to wait until December when the PSUs should be here any day?