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    OSSC 1.6 – update 06/11/17 – That’s it! All pre-orders are now filled. If you pre-ordered an OSSC and you have NOT had your tracking number yet, please contact us with your e-mail address and order number.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 01/11/17 – Shipped a bunch more units today but things are going slower than usual since we ran out of programmed remotes. I’ve spent a good few hours programming some more and more units will go out tomorrow.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 31/10/17 – Power supplies are here, shipping will resume this afternoon.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 30/10/17 – A large batch of remotes just arrived and the power supplies were promised for tomorrow.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 26/10/17 – We’re out of power supplies again! A batch of 1000 is due any day now, then shipping will resume.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 25/10/17 (PM) – The remaining units from batch 2 have now been shipped and tracking numbers issued. Check your e-mails for your number. Batch 3 starts shipping tomorrow.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 25/10/17 – They’re here! The final batch for 2017 just touched down. We’ll be shipping back orders as a priority, starting with those 100 or so folks that missed out due to the batch 2 shortage. If you order an OSSC now it will ship in the next week or two and definitely in time for Christmas.

    OSSC big haul

    OSSC 1.6 – update 24/10/17 – We just paid the customs bill for batch 3 (Christmas batch). Looks like we’re going to run out of power supplies again, but more are on order, ditto remotes. We have more than enough PSUs and remotes to cover the 100 or so people that missed out due to the batch 2 shortage though.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 20/10/17 – Two announcements today. First of all, batch 2 has finished shipping. I’ve also sent all the tracking numbers. Some e-mails bounced, as they always do, so if you still haven’t got yours you can drop me a message via the usual channels.

    Second bit of news is that the next batch has shipped early! That means that those 100 or so people who missed out because batch 2 was short should get their units shipped out in a week or so. Directly after that Batch 3 will start shipping. We have enough remotes and power supplies  to cover the remainder of batch 2 and some on back order for batch 3 (Christmas batch).

    OSSC 1.6 – update 19/10/17 – Phew what a day! Everyone who made the early part of batch 2 has now had their order boxed up and the order either dispatched or sat in my hall ready to dispatch tomorrow.

    I’ve sent out over half peoples tracking numbers, the other half will be e-mailed tomorrow.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 18/10/17 – Power supplies have finally landed. Batch 2 starts shipping today!

    OSSC 1.6 – update 16/10/17 – Chased up the power supplies, apparently they are due out to us now.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 05/10/17 – We now have the next batch of OSSC! Remotes are done and programmed, just waiting for the power supplies now. Orders will start to trickle out while we wait for those, then full steam ahead when the PSUs arrive sometime next week all being well.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 04/10/17 (PM) – Customs clearance payment has been made as per the couriers instructions (not UPS this time for reasons only our suppliers know!).

    OSSC 1.6 – update 04/10/17 – The early units from batch 2 have arrived in the UK, fun with customs will now commence no doubt.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 03/10/17 – Remote control units have landed, we now have more than enough to cover the early October batch. Keep your fingers crossed for the power supplies to turn up on schedule too!

    OSSC 1.6 – update 02/10/17 – We can confirm, just under 500 of the units promised for mid-October have shipped early. This means I can get the majority of batch 2 shipped early, assuming our remotes and power supplies land on time too, but 100 or so will be delayed.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 29/9/17 – Looks like at least some of the October batch is shipping in early. However, this leaves is chronically short of both remotes and power supplies. Both of these are back ordered and expected for Mid-October, so I’ll ship what I can when I can.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 28/9/17 – Due to some banking/tax related matters, pre-orders for the Christmas batch will now open mid-October. Schedules for existing orders should not be affected.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 20/9/17 – Shipping of batch 1 is complete, on schedule. Thanks to my family for mucking in and helping pack the boxes. All tracking numbers have now been sent out. If you believe you should be in batch 1 and you have NOT had a tracking number, please contact us.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 19/9/17 – Shipping of batch 1 was going to finish ahead of schedule but we ran out of power supplies with around 10 OSSCs left, it seems I cannot count! Not to worry though, our supplier is rushing us some more. This will delay a small number of shipments just for a day or two, then processing of this batch is 100% complete.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 15/9/17 – Batch 1 shipping is on schedule, approximately one third of the units in batch 1 are now either shipped or boxed up ready to go to the post office.

    Batch 2 and 3 remain on schedule. Batch 2 is due to ship from the manufacturers on the 13th October. This batch has sold out.

    Batch 3 (Christmas batch) is due to ship from the manufacturers on or around the 30th October. Pre-orders for this batch open on the 1st October.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 14/9/17 (18:00) – :mrgreen: They’re here! OSSC 1.6 batch 1 starts shipping tomorrow! :mrgreen: 

    OSSC 1.6 – update 14/9/17 (16:40) – UPS are running late but promised to deliver today.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 14/9/17 (15:30) – No change on the track and trace since 06:45 this morning. Are UPS going to let us down again? 🙁

    OSSC 1.6 – update 14/9/17 – UPS track and trace shows the parcels are “In Transit”. Estimated delivery is for today, looks like we cleared customs.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 13/9/17 (15:00 hours) – UPS track and trace is back to “The receiver must pay the duties or taxes due on the package.”, despite the fact we paid them yesterday. Looks like the boxes will arrive tomorrow now.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 13/9/17 (10:00 hours) – UPS track and trace has changed again and says to expect delivery today, so we’ll see!

    OSSC 1.6 – update 13/9/17 – Boxes seem to be held at a UPS warehouse. UPS seem to think the delivery will be tomorrow now.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 12/9/17 (17:00 hours) – Payment has been submitted to UPS, this was after the cut-off time for UPS to clear the package today, so it may mean an extra days delay, but we’ll see.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 12/9/17 (16:00 hours) – We thought it was too good to be true! UPS called us and said they would need the customs clearance payment in advance of delivery. We’re still waiting for them to send the bill.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 12/9/17 – UPS track and trace says that the boxes have cleared customs.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 9/9/17 – UPS track and trace says that the boxes should arrive with us on Wednesday the 13th September.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 8/9/17 – Shipping confirmation and tracking numbers were received from the manufacturers today. Here’s a picture of the finished units just prior to them being shipped out.

    OSSC boxes

    OSSC 1.6 – update 7/9/17 – OSSC 1.6 Batch 1 is due to ship from the manufacturer today. The batch size is reduced to 740 units as 10 failed testing, but we factored in some spare units so fingers crossed everyone should still get one.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 6/9/17 – Power supplies have turned up on-schedule from the supplier. Just waiting on OSSCs themselves now for batch 1.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 29/8/17 – Big update today. First of all, looks like we’re going to be getting 3 batches rather than 2. Here’s how it affects things.

    Batch 1 – Testing of these units has gone smoothly and they are due to ship from the manufacturers next week (on or around the 8th September). This batch sold out a while ago, you should have had an e-mail if you made it into this batch.

    Batch 2 – This still has about 100 units left for sale, and is due to ship from the manufacturers on or around the 13th October.

    This means that, if you’ve already ordered, you WILL receive your unit as promised in either September or October. Batch 2 (October’s batch) has NOT sold out yet, so every order placed so far is either in batch 1 or 2. So, there’s no need to e-mail me and ask, “hey, did I make batch 2?”, if you ordered already and didn’t make batch 1, you’re in batch 2 🙂

    Batch 3 – Batch 3 is due to ship late October/Early November. We’ll open up orders for these later (as I said above, batch 2 still has around 100 units so no point taking orders for batch 3 yet).

    OSSC 1.6 – update 26/8/17 – Yesterday I finished the tedious job of programming the remote controls for September’s batch. We also had a phone call from the PSU supplier to let us know that our power supplies would be arriving on-time too. Keep your fingers crossed, looks like everything is running to schedule.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 25/8/17 – No news is good news as the saying goes, everything is still on track for the estimated delivery dates given in the last update.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 11/8/17 – Production is back on track with all component shortages resolved. Estimated shipping dates from the factory are now 8th September for the early batch and 14th October for the later batch. Remember this is the date they are due to ship from the manufacturer to us, so we have to wait for them to arrive here then we need to package them up and dispatch them, but obviously we’ll go as fast as we can.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 04/8/17 – One of our component suppliers let us down badly and failed to deliver all the components as promised. Luckily our manufacturers were able to secure enough of the elusive component from another supplier to cover all pre-orders taken so far. Those of you who already pre-ordered don’t need to worry but this means that for now at least, the October batch size has been reduced, so if you want a unit and haven’t pre-ordered yet you probably want to think about doing so soon. We’re looking into both alternative suppliers and testing an alternative component that will hopefully work as a substitute.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 31/7/17 -PCB fabrication for the first part of the batch (the 750 early units) is now complete! We’ll continue to update you throughout the manufacturing process.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 27/7/17 – Big news today is that we have some numbers on batch sizes and even some provisional dates. The first batch of OSSC 1.6 will ship from the manufacturer on or around the 8th September 2017. This batch will contain 750 units. Remember that’s the ship date from the manufacturer to us. They need to get here and then of course we’ve lots of units to box up and ship, though I’ll work as fast as I can and draft in family members to help.

    I’ll be contacting people via e-mail who made it into this early batch. To have made it into the early batch, you would have needed to order on or before the 29th June.. The remainder of the orders will ship in October. The reason for the split and the smaller first batch is due to a component shortage.

    This will mean that some folks who just missed out on the early batch may end up waiting more than the estimated 90 days, so apologies for that.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 24/7/17 – Samples of the plexi-glass case have arrived with the manufacturer. I’m just waiting for Markus to approve them. We’re also purchasing some additional EEPROM programmers to ensure that the programming and testing phase goes as quickly as possible.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 21/7/17 – Nothing much to report, other than the manufacturer assured us today that everything was still on schedule.

    OSSC 1.6 – update 7/7/17 – The money has been successfully transferred to the manufacturer, it arrived a day later than the bank suggested, probably due to additional fraud checks for such a large sum. The manufacturing process is now due to start on 10/7/17. We’ll aim to keep you updated all the way.

    Thank you to everyone who pre-paid for an OSSC 1.6! I have submitted payment to start the manufacturing process for a large batch. I’ve used the money from the pre-orders AND ploughed back the profits from the previous batches into this one (and secured a line of credit if it becomes necessary, *gulp*), so that there will be plenty of units this time. Pre-orders will stay open until every unit is allocated, so if you still need to secure one go right ahead and pre-order one here –

    I’ll aim to give people regular updates on the status of the batch and the manufacturing process. I understand it’s a long wait and so thanks again to everyone who very generously pre-paid and supported this project and of course to all the people who bought OSSC in the past. I’ll be using this thread and the OSSC Telegram channel (, as well as social media and e-mail for various updates.

    Want an OSSC 1.6? – Go right ahead and pre-order one here – There’s no waiting list any more. If you don’t want to pre-pay/pre-order, you will need to wait until later in the year when (hopefully) there will be some units on general sale.


    Hi there, I placed my preorder using the available link but I didn’t place my order via the email sent out to members of the newetter, as I didn’t sign up until a day or two after emails were sent out.

    However I did give you my money just a day or two after preorders became availible, but since I wasn’t on the waiting list, will I be shafted to the next batch? I’d like to be placed on higher priority as I did take the chance to preorder early and from the wording in your post it seems like you’re very grateful for anyone who did preorder early… let me know thanks!

    I sent an email to you guys, could you check it if possible? My main concern is that because I don’t have a reserved number that people who were subscribed to the newsletter got, that my order is going to be set aside in favour of the numbered guys…. which makes sense but I really feel like I deserve to be placed in the first batch. If that’s possible? email used to place order is, if you can, respond to it. thank you.


    You were the 454th person to order, I wouldn’t worry 🙂


    @BuckoA51, I’m aware I was one of the first few hundred to order in the first couple of days, yes, but I’m concerned that because I wasn’t on the newsletter waiting list that my order will be shunted to the 2nd batch. Is there any way you can confirm that I will be part of the first batch?


    There is no “shunting” of orders it’s first come first serve, please do not worry.


    So pretty much if you got your order in a day after the reservations opened to everyone you should be good? Sadly only came across the product like a few days before the pre orders opened so I subscribed pretty late 🙁


    Just curious as to my queue in line! Thanks 🙂


    Everyone who gets their order in is good and will get one, there may be an earlier batch and a later batch but let’s wait and see 🙂


    Thanks for all the updates, do we have any clue when batch 1 will be done / shipped? Just out of curiosity 😉


    I’ll update here when I know more for certain.


    How do we find out what number we are on the preorder list?


    There’s no pre-order list any more.


    I bought one yesterday does that mean I’m in the current batch or am I going to be waiting awhile?


    I’ll update on that when I have more information.

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