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Hi Bucko,

I have a very similar setup as vasilas432 (Crosspoint Ultra 88 HVA w/ ADSP). I also want to add that I am also plagued with these every since I received the OSSC 1.5 over the summer, I’ve been troubleshooting slowly trying to find a solution to random 1-2s sync drops. Here’s what I’ve observed:

– WindyGaming SuperGun -> PVMin -> PVMout -> Crosspoint-in -> Crosspoint-out (w/ resistor) -> OSSC -> HDMI Splitter -> (HDTV, Monitor 1, Monitor 2)

1. This only happens with 240p scaling, doesn’t matter what mode (2x-5x). Doesn’t happen with 480i or 480p inputs through the same scart OSSC input.
2. Maxing “Analog sync Vth” seems to alleviate the problem somewhat, but doesn’t appear to aid other systems. It helped with CPS2 (ran 30 min with no drops). But not with CPS3 (seems like every 3-5 minutes, changing sync Vth didn’t seem to affect the interval between sync drops).
3. Not just a Arcade thing. I’ve experience random drops 2x-5x using Wii running SNES VC in 240p (RGBs).
4. Not a monitor specific issue. With the HDMI Splitter, when the sync drops, the red LED lights up for 1-2 seconds and all monitors black out for 1-2 seconds.
5. (Not confirmed) I vaguely recall having these drops when I first tested the OSSC connecting the SuperGun directly to the OSSC into my monitor.
6. I also the Crosspoint outputting the same signal to the Framemeister, and it doesn’t experience these dropouts.

At this point, I’m really stumped. If you or Marqs need some addition user testing to diagnose (like giving specific OSSC settings) if it’s really an OSSC thing (I’m concluding it’s more likely than the Crosspoint being it), just let me know what to test.