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Tested the OSSC on my old TV, the
I am planning to upgrade to a newer TV and need the OSSC for that, but note that this old TV has a SCART input anyway and I can’t tell much difference in picture quality between the native SCART and the OSSC 2x output. The advantage though is that the OSSC it supports 240p via component that the TV doesn’t support natively.

Line-double works for:
PAL GameCube with RGB cable
PAL Wii with component cables (playing Virtual Console games)
PAL PS2 with RGB cable (playing PS1 games)

Line-triple for 240p content doesn’t work at all. Line-triple for 288p content obv doesn’t work since the TV is only 720p anyway.

In my personal experience the sound quality of Game Boy Advance games playing on the Game Boy Player for the GameCube is suddenly massively improved compared to plugging in the SCART cable directly. Not sure what’s up with that. I use the same SCART switch as before.