Reply To: Dreamcast sync issues w/ firmware 0.77a



I just got the time to play around with my OSSC 1.6 now. I already updated to firmware 0.79a. I’m using the OSSC on a BenQ RL2455 connected via a very good, thick and shielded HDMI cable. Right now I’m using my Dreamcast with a Blaze DC VGA adapter.

Here is what I’m getting.

Passthrough DTV 480 – Picture but losing sync and it get’s worse the longer I play
Passthrough VESA 640×480 – Picture without dropouts
2x480p DTV 480 – Picture without dropouts
2x480p VESA 640×480 – Picture without dropouts

Also when using the sample auto mode it’s choosing VESA 640×480 instead of DTV 480.

I guess it’s some incompatibility with my monitor but maybe there is another solution? I really like to use passthrough + dtv480 +manual scanline on 2D games. Also 3D games look better in passthrough since it’s a bit more blurred.

Thank you for you help.