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Hi all. I Have a Vizio M70-D3 70in 4k 2016 model. So far i have tested(everything is US) my Snes via RGB Scart, and a Top Loader NES using the very old school Play Choice 10 RGB mod, converted to component, using a GameTechUS Amp board.

Both systems work in 2x, 3x, and 5x, via HDMI ports 1-4, in generic and optimal. But for some reason, HDMI 5 port gives me problems and thatis the port that i need to use as that is the gaming port with “all” of the post processing off which gives me very low input lag. HDMI 5 is designed strictly for gaming.

On HDMI 5, 2x still works with zero issue. But when i change to 3x and 5x, whether generic or optimal, it’s random when the signal wants to display properly or not. I have to keep cycling through video modes on the ossc over and over til it eventually gives me a solid picture. Once it gives me a picture, I have zero issues. But once i turn the console off, change sources or modes on the ossc, or turn the tv off and back on, its a roll of the dice if i get the clean signal immediately or have to start scrolling through settings til it hits again.

I’ve tried all of the settings and tweaks in the the line doubler stick thread. Fixes nothing

This hdmi 5 port is finnicky eith my ps4 pro as eell. Sometimes i habe to turn my tv off then back on for it to display a signal. I figured this was a ps4 pro thing as it was reported early on that for some reason, most vizios and some other brands struggled to handshake with the ps4 pro. Maybe due to hdcp? But ossc doesnt need hdcp. Now I wonder ifthat port is going bad.

Anyone else experience these things?