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    I think there is no problem for your B7 when “playing” with ossc options…

    From your username i guess you are greek too?


    Yes Iam!
    There is a tiny flicker in the graphics in some part of the screen. Which part of the screen depends the OSSC settings


    Hisense 55H6B, date of manufacture 2015. 3x/4x work flawlessly with SNES, 5x works but it’s a little smushed/cropped, and aspect ratio would have to be adjusted.


    I have a really embarrassing TV to add. People with 4k TVs.. psh.

    Westinghouse DWM42F2G1 Yeah dude, 42″ 1080p LCD for $75 from Goodwill…. It weighs about 4 lbs…. Boosh.


    Consoles tested:
    NTSC-U SNES 1chip
    Sega Genesis VA0

    Compatible with:
    (unfortunately treated as wide-screen and non-adjustable via OSD with the very limited aspect ratio selections)

    5x is not compatible.

    I’m actually impressed it’s as capable as it is, but I would not recommend spending more than $75 on this TV. Just FYI.

    Dark Sakul

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-26L5000

    2X and 3X works
    5x works with some 240p sources
    SNES and MVS works

    240p pass though causes scaling issues


    Panasonic TX-P50GT60Y
    Got my cables in recently so I’m happy to finally write this report.

    On default OSSC settings, only x2 works.
    However, with adjustments, I could get x3 and x4 working. Adjust V. active to 256 and V backporch to 3 and an image appears. SNES requires backporch adjustment to 2. It leaves a blank space at the top with those adjustments however. The TV reports the output as 1280×768 for x3 and 1280×1024 for x4.

    There is no sound in x4 mode, however there is sound in the x4 320×240 optimized mode.
    x5 does not work, even with the adjustments suggested in the relevant thread.

    Super Famicom works, tested with a 1CHIP-03 system with a sync on luma cable. However it only works in the generic modes. 256×240 optimized mode results only in flashes of an image at regular intervals, but nothing more. Probably related to the uneven sync it outputs as outlined by Marqs. SNES is the only 256×240 console I have to test this mode.

    480p x2 works, with adjustments. Need to set 480p sampling to VESA, and then adjust V. active to 512, and V. backporch to 11. It leaves a blank space up top just as the 240p x3 and x4 modes with adjustments.

    Unfortunately you can only zoom in or change image position in 480p output, when outputting any of the higher resolutions the only options you have are 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio change.

    480i x4 does not work (nor x3). It should output the same resolution as 480p x2, or so I thought, but I can not get it to work.

    Tested consoles:
    Super Famicom
    Sega Saturn (Japanese model 1)
    GameCube (NTSC) (480p and 240p via component)


    Line-triple for 288p content obv doesn’t work since the TV is only 720p anyway.

    I’d still try the 720p PAL tweak, check the tips & tweaks thread. Also check the V. Active adjustment tweak for 240p 60Hz Lx3, if you haven’t already.

    Line3x works, but it is not properly centered. The image is too far on the bottom, a little part of the screen is cut off.

    You were not able to raise the picture up by adjusting V.Backporch?


    Sony Bravia KDL40HX800

    X2 works
    X3 doesn’t work
    x4 doesn’t work
    x5 doesn’t work
    SNES works


    idk if this is for TV only or anything that can output a siginal?
    i have only done testing on SNES
    if you own Yamaha YSP2700 Soundbar it will be able to pump out 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x/1080p/1200p at 50hz and 60hz,to a sony XE90 idk if soundbar dose the same on all tv but i do not see why not.

    aslo if u own SONY PSVR v2 it will Only be able to pump out 2x at 50hz

    Consoles : NTSC SNES MODDED.

    YSP2700 soundbar |Lx1 : N| Lx2 :Y| Lx3: Y | SNES/50/60: Y/Y | Lx4/5: Y/Y | TO a SONY XE9005 49inch
    SONY PSVR v2 |Lx1 : N| Lx2 :Y| Lx3: N | SNES/50/60: Y/N | Lx4/5: N/N |


    ViewSonic XG2700-4K 27″ 60Hz IPS 4K UHD 2160p FreeSync Gaming Monitor

    2x works
    3x works
    4x works
    5x works

    SNES with Voultar RGB chip and HD Retrovision cable works.


    Hi all. I Have a Vizio M70-D3 70in 4k 2016 model. So far i have tested(everything is US) my Snes via RGB Scart, and a Top Loader NES using the very old school Play Choice 10 RGB mod, converted to component, using a GameTechUS Amp board.

    Both systems work in 2x, 3x, and 5x, via HDMI ports 1-4, in generic and optimal. But for some reason, HDMI 5 port gives me problems and thatis the port that i need to use as that is the gaming port with “all” of the post processing off which gives me very low input lag. HDMI 5 is designed strictly for gaming.

    On HDMI 5, 2x still works with zero issue. But when i change to 3x and 5x, whether generic or optimal, it’s random when the signal wants to display properly or not. I have to keep cycling through video modes on the ossc over and over til it eventually gives me a solid picture. Once it gives me a picture, I have zero issues. But once i turn the console off, change sources or modes on the ossc, or turn the tv off and back on, its a roll of the dice if i get the clean signal immediately or have to start scrolling through settings til it hits again.

    I’ve tried all of the settings and tweaks in the the line doubler stick thread. Fixes nothing

    This hdmi 5 port is finnicky eith my ps4 pro as eell. Sometimes i habe to turn my tv off then back on for it to display a signal. I figured this was a ps4 pro thing as it was reported early on that for some reason, most vizios and some other brands struggled to handshake with the ps4 pro. Maybe due to hdcp? But ossc doesnt need hdcp. Now I wonder ifthat port is going bad.

    Anyone else experience these things?


    I did see somewhat similar results on my M70-C3 (the equivalent 2015 model) with HDMI 1-4 displaying much better compatibility than 5, though they of course gave higher lag. However, HDMI 5 hasn’t had any issues with 3x since several OSSC firmwares ago, while 5x has consistently never worked on that port. I also have a PS4 Pro, but I’ve never seen any kind of handshake issues like you describe.

    The one odd thing I did notice for my first couple years of using this TV was that the video would occasionally drop for a second with 4K sources (I know it was the TV and not the source, because my sound system kept playing the audio properly). That’s cleared up in the past six months or so, though, possibly due to a firmware update for the TV.

    Don’t know how much that helps, but I figure a little more info can’t hurt.


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    Hmm, i have had that happen too, where i play my ps4pro on hdmi5, and the signal would cut in and out during gameplay. This was back in may-july 2017. It has never happened again though. Its just really bizarre. Its just really annoying that with this port, i have to keep cycling the tv power or change inputs til it reads the signal properly. Very annoying. But when it works, it’s beastly

    SiLic0ne t0aD

    Happy New Year!

    I would just like to add, my OSSC 1.6 works great with my 43″ Vizio D43F-E1 ..Right out of the box, no tweaking on either.

    I haven’t tried many consoles or settings yet, other than switching inputs and turning scanlines on/off on the unit itself. The included universal remote doesn’t work, which either wasn’t preprogrammed at all or I accidentally wiped it out. While I have a wide variety of systems from all era’s, I’ve only tried my VGA modded consoles so far, straight from the OSSC and into the Vizio D43F-E1.

    1. ColecoVision with F18A (upgraded VDP)
    2. Dreamcast (via VGA cable)

    Both look fantastic.. so far, so good! Next, I’ll be trying a Wii with component cables, along with a Genesis 2 and SNES via HDretrovision component cables. I still need to RGB mod my N64 and will probably use the SNES HDretrovision cable for that. The only SCART/RGB console I have so far is an Intellivision, but the Rgb portion doesn’t work.. I screwed up somewhere, so I’ll have to go back and double check my work, hopefully correcting the problem. It’s probably the mini din connector that I miss wired but at least it works via a Composite mod. Unfortunately, even if I do get RGB to work, I’ve read at least 2 reports that RGB modded Intellivisions don’t work with the OSSC anyway, supposedly due to a sync issue. I hope this can be resolved, because I’d hate to have to use a cheap Scart/HDMI box when I paid all this money for the OSSC.

    Anyways, I’ll be testing the OSSC on a Sharp HDTV next. I’ll report back if it works or not and with the model number, etc.


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