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    Press the TV button on the remote first. If the OSSC doesn’t respond by flashing the LED, it is possible the IR receiver is broken, in which case you need to sort that with Bucko, unless you can solder in a new onw yourself.

    Ofc before all this also check the remote batteries (red light on remote should blink on button presses). 😉

    Otherwise you can try any remote (universal or NEC protocol compatible) and program yourself, there are instructions on the wiki.


    Samsung 4k UN49KS8000FXZA | Lx3: Y | SNES: Y | Lx4/5: Y/Y* | FW 0.78. *SNES drops image frequently in Lx5


    HiSense 39H5D
    2x, 3x, 4x, 5x work
    SNES works

    Tested Genesis, SNES and PS2 component


    Samsung UN55J620DAF
    Tested in game mode with SHVC-CPU-01 board SNES via SCART using an assortment of games and 240p Test Suite
    2x works perfect
    3x works, slightly window boxed and colors a little washed out. Also switches TV out of game mode
    4x stretched picture, window boxed, washed out color, switches TV out of game mode
    5x works, switches TV out of game mode, muffled audio, slight overscan, cuts 3 pixels off the top, 5 off the bottom, and 1 off the left
    Manual input lag test shows about 1 frame input lag

    This is using HDMI 1 input, HDMI 2 yields slightly better results with better game mode support, but not enough for me to switch and have the terrible results my PC has on HDMI 1.

    EDIT 2:
    After doing some tweaking to the OSSC’s advanced sampling options and the TV settings I’ve got all modes working nice. The washed out color and muffled audio was because of the TV changing modes, changing the settings in that mode got the picture and sound back to normal. 3x is still slightly window boxed and 4x/5x are still slightly stretched, but not enough to really matter. I’ve been playing in 5x and it looks/plays incredible.

    Edit 3:
    After some more tweaking advanced sampling options on the OSSC I’ve got 4x to display in the correct aspect ratio.


    Sony XBR49X900E
    Tested with OSSC 1.6 running firmware v0.79a

    Passthru: Y
    Line2x: Y
    Line3x: Y
    Line4x: Y
    Line5x: Y
    SNES Passthru: N, No Signal
    SNES Line2x: N, No Signal
    SNES Line3x: N, No Signal
    SNES Line4x: N, No Signal
    SNES Line5x: N, Image flashes on and off screen. Sometimes the TV detects the signal as 1920×1079 or 1920×1078.
    If I change TX Mode to DVI the image is stable in 4x and 5x modes, but flickers like a strobe light.

    Passthru: Y, looks very good when you change picture mode to “Custom”, if you use “Game” the TV will use bob deinterlacing.
    Line2x (bob): Y
    Line3x (laced): N, Displays, but screen flashes continuously.
    Line4x (bob): Y

    Passthru: Y
    Line2x: Y, Video no issues, but audio cuts in and out when connected directly to TV. If I use my AV receiver the audio plays just fine, or use analog audio to TV. Also, linearity gets messed up when using this mode.



    Today I bought a LG 42LD450-ZA (the same model what you own) and somehow… I can’t get it to work.
    The TV doesn’t want to connect with the OSSC 1.6 (no signal on the TV). Doesn’t matter what I do. I switched to different consoles, played around with the settings on the TV as well as on the OSSC – no changes.

    The OSSC works flawless on the other LCD (2006 Toshiba).

    The LG works fine, every HDMI-inputs works as it should, except this issue now.

    From my understanding, it should work without any problems (at all) when you plug it in as HDMI <-> OSSC.

    I have hooked up all consoles on three automatic Bandridge Scart devices and HDMI as output.

    #edit: Seems like the HDMI handshake failed. However, after changing the TX-mode from HDMI to DVI seems to work. But I do not have sound yet.
    Would it work with a HDMI-DVI or HDMI-VGA Adapter?

    Do you, or anybody else have some ideas?

    #edit: Even through the audio phone connector I could’nt get sound.

    I used this one here:

    #edit: WORKS! Didn’t noticed that little switch near the audio jack on the OSSC. Problem solved. I’ll post within the next upcoming days some informations about these two LCD’s here and how they work with the OSSC.


    TCL 55C803
    Tested on OSSC 1.6 with latest firmware

    Line3x works perfect.
    Line4x works perfect.
    Line5x works perfect on almost every console I threw at it, but PS1 games via my PS2 on component had weird horizontal lines. (Turns out I had Generic 4:3 off in the Line5x settings, putting that back on makes Line5x work perfect on everything)
    Every single mode worked perfectly, all the way up to 5x.
    No problems here.
    Passthru and Line2x both look fine. I really like the look of Line2x on games like Paper Mario TTYD when I sit a decent distance from the screen.


    Has anybody tested the 4K Panasonic 2017 European 4K LcD Models Pansonic Ex 603, Ex 604, EX 734?


    LG 32LJ610V

    Tested with OSSC 1.6 running firmware v0.78

    Passthrough: Y
    Line2x: Y
    Line3x: Y
    Line4x: Y*
    Line5x: Y

    Tested with a PS1 and N64.

    Line 5x works great and it’s what I use, it’s stable and I didn’t have to change any settings. Line 3x is also very crisp due to the smaller size, if you don’t want to fill the screen. Passthrough looks particularly awful in comparison, so the TVs internal scaler appears to handle 240p sources poorly and it really shows off the difference through the OSSC. I still like how the scanlines look even at 5x.

    *Line 4x displays in 16:9 aspect ratio by default. This can be manually overridden in the TV settings, though it appears in a slightly smaller frame than line 2x and 3x.

    Passthrough: Y
    Line2x (bob): Y
    Line3x (laced): N*
    Line4x (bob): Y

    I’m not as familiar with how interlaced and bob deinterlacing should behave, though my observations are that passthrough may be more desirable for some. Scanlines were much more apparent whereas these were barely noticeable using bob, which also had the flicker you would expect. I’m using Line4x (bob) and I’m happy with how it looks, without scanlines.

    *Sound but no picture.

    Not Tested.

    Other Comments

    There’s pretty much nothing in the way of reviews for this model, so here are some general thoughts on the TV having used it for a week or so. If you’re space limited and need a 32” panel, for the price this is a great choice in my opinion. I found a Romanian review that claimed the input lag under the game preset was 26ms. Going from the OSSC into the TV with no added lag and using the 240p test suite, I was averaging between 20-30ms in the manual lag test. So this figure seems accurate. Very acceptable.

    It does need quite a bit of adjustment to the settings out of the box to get the best out of it – it’s very cool by default. Sharpness defaults at 25 – I’m not sure this is its 0 mark, it’s subtle but felt like something was being added. I’ve set mine to 0 and pixels still look nice and sharp to me.

    As with all IPS panels expect some IPS glow, but it’s not too bad if you put some LED backlighting behind it and it’s only noticeable in a dark room (unless you’re off centre). Once you tone down the backlight it’s OK. My unit doesn’t appear to exhibit any noticeable bleed.

    Its biggest weakness is probably its handling of rapid motion, though I’m used to a high refresh rate TN and a noughties plasma. Both of these handle motion incredibly well so my standards might just be a little high. It’s not been an issue for me so far, though if you’re sensitive to this I’d recommend turning all the enhancement crap off first and seeing how you find it on something fast paced.


    Has anyone tested the Sony A1E OLED’s?


    I have a Panasonic TX-65AX800E,
    I didn’t finish to test everything but i’m disapointed : the only option that works is line2x, if someone has the same tv and found a solution please tell me.


    A small portion of Panasonics can display x3 and even x4 signal if tweaked to resemble a PC mode. That probably doesn’t work with 50Hz output signals though (in case you have unmodded PAL consoles).

    Check out the stickied tips & tweaks thread.

    Also, if the display engine is anything similar to Marqs Panasonic OLED, you might have success with x3 mode with the tweaks he posted:


    really disapointed, if there is no update to change this i think i will ask to be refunded.


    I have a displayport input in my panasonic tv, dedicated for pc, do you think it could work if i buy a displayport to hdmi adapter like this one ? :


    It’s not impossible, but perhaps not probable…
    Again, if your consoles are 50 hz only, I would guess no.

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