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    Right, been ages since I’ve updated this so I’ll re-do this compatibility report from mid last year:

    Samsung UE32K5600 32inch LED 1080p TV – 10ms from 720p Leo Bodnar tool (game mode). All consoles routed through a GSCARTSW (including the Dreamcast via Toro box).

    – Line 2x/3x mode works while allowing the TV to resize the image (Just Fit/overscan) and use Game Mode
    – Line 4x works, and looks crisp – unfortunately it sees it as a PC input, disabling game mode (although it’ll still be a low-latency display mode) as well as resizing options and some other useful stuff (display dimming, some picture options like “colour” etc).
    – Line 5x WORKS! Initially this did NOT work, and considering I’ve had the OSSC for over a year I’ve only just realised that the sync stripper on the GSCARTSW was the culprit. Since turning the GSCART’s sync stripper off (to get 480p working for the Dreamcast via the Toro/SCART) line 5x has worked perfectly. Game mode and all picture settings are accessible, with slight cropping of the image.

    PAL Megadrive (model1) 60Hz modded – YES 2-5x. Using a Packapunch CSYNC cable with the 3.5mm audio breakout.
    PAL SNES (1chip) SuperCIC 60Hz modded – YES 2-5x. Using Packapunch “CSYNC” (inbuilt stripper) cable.
    PAL Saturn (model2) 60Hz modded – YES 2-5x. Flawless @ 240p. RGC Sync on Luma cable.
    Dreamcast @480P via SCART (Toro) – Works @ 2X, seems to crush some of the brightest shades of white (using 240p test suite) but does look good and work well.
    PAL PS2 via RGB SCART – YES 2x. Flawless bob deinterlace/image
    PAL PS2 via RGsB SCART (Sync on Green) – YES 2X. 480p seems to work perfectly
    PAL RGB N64 (French NUS-001) – Yes 2-4x. The N64 Everdrive menu uses PAL timings (50Hz and 575i?) which only works at upto 2x mode. NTSC roms play fine on a PAL system using the Everdrive, but at 61Hz which disables game mode on the TV @ 3x. using SNES Packapunch “CSYNC” (inbuilt stripper) cable. I have no doubt that a true NTSC N64 would work fine at 5x.
    Wii via RGB SCART – YES 2x. Perfect bob deinterlace at 50/60Hz, switches perfectly to 240p when NES/SNES emulators are loaded. Also tried YPbPr over a basic SCART converter and this worked, but the image was degraded somewhat.

    For all my consoles (apart from 60hz/480i Wii output) I needed to adjust the V/H backporch setting slightly to centre the image. This was also the case for the Dreamcast at linedoubled DTV 480p.

    I would highly recommend this TV (or latest model) for those who want a smaller gaming TV. Additionally, for those looking for a compatible capture card my Startech USB3HDCAP (basically the Micomsoft XCAPTURE1) works with most consoles upto 4X mode. The N64 only works at 3X mode.


    Mitsubishi WD2000 DLP Projector
    Max Res: 1080i (1280 x 1024)

    Tested with Wii Component to HDMI out, then HDMI>DVI into Projector
    Wii NTSC
    -Audio works fine, no issues
    -Line 2x,3x,4x on Virtual Console at 240p (scaled to 256p)
    (Does not say Line 5x unsupported, just a black screen, maybe with some tweaks?)
    -Line 2x for 480p Gamecube games on Wii (scaled to 552p)

    Vizio E420VL:
    Max res 1920 x 1080
    Wii NTSC
    Same as above, but 5x DOES work for Virtual Console


    LG 42 LA620V-ZA.

    Line 3x, 4x, and 5x work (even 5x uncropped/1200 mode despite being a 1080p TV)

    Don’t have a SNES/SFC to test so can’t be sure on that. I do get blackouts from my DC despite the OSSC showing a constant green light, but it might be a DC/cable issue. Everything else I’ve thrown at it (JP MD/32X/MCD, JP Saturn, UK GC, UK Wii, UK OG Xbox) work fine.

    I tend to keep it in 960p @ 4×280 or 2×480 @ for the best image due to it being a multiple of both screen modes. Looks better, too, imho.


    Hi All,

    A new model (I didn’t see it on the list), to add to the list, with very good support of consoles and outputs.

    Westinghouse WD40FK2550

    The following consoles tested good with SCART 240p output and working with pass thru, line2x, line3x, line4x, line5x (all resolutions), Generic 4:3, Generic 16:9 (where applicable), 320×240 optimized:
    Sega Genesis Model 1
    SNES SNS-001
    Playstation 1 (SCPH-1001, SCPH-7501)
    Sega Saturn Model 2

    The following consoles tested good with Component output @ 480i, and working with pass thru, line2x, line3x, line4x, generic 4:3:
    PS2 fat

    PS2 fat also tested good with Component output @ 480p, and working with pass thru, line2x, generic 4:3

    Dreamcast tested good with VGA output at 480p, and working with pass thru and line2x, generic 4:3

    Needless to say, this TV handles pretty much everything the OSSC can spit out. Got my Elgato Camlink on order, hoping to have it tomorrow, and to be posting some captures at line5x from various 240p consoles, and line2x from 480p conosoles. All I can say is Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter on Sega Saturn @ 1600x1200p is simply astounding. 🙂


    I’m somewhat a connoisseur of cheap TVs it seems:

    Bauhn ATV58UHDC (the 58″ Aldi 4k special with a bundled Chromecast in Australia)

    SNES (NTSC+PAL) works with all modes. Line5x is sharpest, but severely crops the picture, so I use Line4x and force the TV to 4:3 aspect for what I think is the best picture. Audio works fine, including 96KHz sample rate.

    NTSC SNES, PAL PS1 (modded) playing PAL+NTSC games, everything works great, absolutely beyond stoked. Haven’t tested my PAL SNES yet because I lack the correct SCART cable for it.

    Hi-Sense HL32K26PL

    SNES (NTSC) with line-triple seems to work fine, not happy with any of the higher modes though. Only works on DVI mode, HDMI results in no signal (even on the test pattern), though I didn’t play with it much maybe it’s possible to get it to sync. Obviously no audio in DVI mode.


    Hi all-

    I just bought the AOC I2779VH to replace my aging Sony Playstation tv. Does anyone know how compatible this is as a whole?


    TCL 55R615 Line 3x/4x/5x all working. SNES L4x/5x working.


    Any Samsung KS7000/8000 users here try the latest Samsung firmware with the OSSC??? (1220.7 [2018.04.11] at the time of writing this).

    I’ve heard reports where it can actually affect OSSC compatibility. My KS7000 currently works great with all line modes, I’m afraid to upgrade in case it breaks something!


    I have the Panasonic TX-50EX700B and it only works on line2x. I can’t even use 4:3 because the TV stupidly only lets you use 16:9 in game mode and 4:3 outside it with lots of input lag. That’s so stupid as it would’ve been fine in 2x if the TV would just let me select 4:3.

    Apart from the aspect ratio, the SNES works at 50Hz but when I set it to 60Hz it outputs 60.08Hz and will not sync with the TV, just flashes the image every so often.

    PAL Saturn works again at 50Hz but both the Saturn and a Mega Drive modded to run at 60Hz produce 59.37Hz so the TV keeps losing sync every few seconds.

    The Genesis model 1 I imported though works perfectly and is 59.91Hz.

    The NTSC Jaguar I have also works.

    The PS1 at 288p gives out 49.79Hz but seems to stay in sync. I gave yet to test the GameCube, Original xbox, Wii or Dreamcast but I don’t see why those ones would have any problems.

    Since my TV is 4k, line2x looks ok on it but the only problem is I’m stuck in 16:9 because I beed game mode and then there’s those consoles that won’t sync properly.


    Marqs settings for Panasonic OLED got me 3x 🙂

    EDIT: I apologise for the double post, I meant to hit edit but posted in excitement when the OSSC started to work 😀


    I’ve not had any issues with Master System, Mark iii, and a GameCube.

    I haven’t tried the SNES since updating though, which is the most finicky.

    What have you heard?


    @papercut, are you referring to my comment on the Samsung 1220.7 firmware for the KS series of 4k TV’s?

    If so, do you have that firmware installed, and do all the lines modes work with it with those consoles that you listed?


    I tweaked the settings in 3x to output perfect 320×240 for the Genesis on a 1366×768 Samsung TV. Even though my Panasonic TV works on 1366×768, it’s having none of it and just sits on a black screen. The picture is amazing though from the Genesis on the 720p TV with these settings. These are the settings and they result in 1360×768 but the TV chooses 1366×768.

    Line3x set to 320×240

    H. Samplerate 427
    H. Synclan 31
    H. Backporch 41
    H. Active 340
    V. Synclan 3
    V. Backporch 2
    V. Active 256

    The picture is down a bit low but I dont mind that as long as the whole picture is there and scaled properly.

    If anyone has any Idea why the Panasonic picks up 1366×768 on generic 4:3 but not on 320×240 with those settings, please let me know.

    Edit: I’m sorry if this should’ve actually been in the tweaks thread instead.


    @eric90000 yeah, in reply to your question about the KS7000 – I’ve not had any problems with the 1220 firmware.

    All the previous modes I was using work (2x, 5x), but as I say I’ve not tried the SNES since, which occasionally de-syncs because of the known jitter issue. That is most likely to be affected, if anything.

    *EDIT* No issues with the SNES either, other than occasional sync drop out on the TV.

    2x, 3x, 4x, 5x all work for me on 240p sources as well, and passthru for some systems – same as before 🙂


    I’ve tried to search online and through this thread; has anyone tried the OSSC with a Samsung UE43M5520?

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