Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Sony XBR49X900E
Tested with OSSC 1.6 running firmware v0.79a

Passthru: Y
Line2x: Y
Line3x: Y
Line4x: Y
Line5x: Y
SNES Passthru: N, No Signal
SNES Line2x: N, No Signal
SNES Line3x: N, No Signal
SNES Line4x: N, No Signal
SNES Line5x: N, Image flashes on and off screen. Sometimes the TV detects the signal as 1920×1079 or 1920×1078.
If I change TX Mode to DVI the image is stable in 4x and 5x modes, but flickers like a strobe light.

Passthru: Y, looks very good when you change picture mode to “Custom”, if you use “Game” the TV will use bob deinterlacing.
Line2x (bob): Y
Line3x (laced): N, Displays, but screen flashes continuously.
Line4x (bob): Y

Passthru: Y
Line2x: Y, Video no issues, but audio cuts in and out when connected directly to TV. If I use my AV receiver the audio plays just fine, or use analog audio to TV. Also, linearity gets messed up when using this mode.