Reply To: PS2 480i/576i proc Line2X (bob)


I could live without the line doubling stuff but regarding the shakiness / jitteriness of the picture, all I want to use is straightforward Passthrough and it just flat out refuses to work on my PG348Q. I reset it, checked again and for a moment it seems to be on passthrough but nope it’s defaulted to line2x bob again and when I manually select passthrough the picture gets squashed to hell and is unusable.

When I attach the OSSC to my HiSense 4K TV though it supports a couple of different modes to greater or lesser degrees, including passthrough with no weird shaking.

Sad really, this *has* to work with my PG348Q PC monitor (I have a QX2710 that I tried connecting through DVI-D but that didn’t work either) or it has to go back : / if anyone knows what settings to adjust I’d be super grateful. As things stand my cheapo chinese upscaler does the job very slightly better with none of the hassle.