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I successfully managed to tweak advanced timing in Generic Line3x mode (960×240) and 480i Line2x (bob) mode so all my consoles have almost perfect 4:3 ratio with very minor overscan between them, which my old AOC monitor took without much fuss.

I had to jump back and forth between console and check that one console adjustment did not crop some area from another console, until all consoles fit just fine in 4:3 size picture with some minor underscan too support them all.

240p Line3x mode (960×240):
H.samplerate 1260 (from 1170)
S.synclen 54 (default)
H.backporch 179 (from 128) 960 (default)
V.synclen 3 (default)
V.backporch 15 (default) 240 (default)

480i Line2x (Bob) mode:
H.samplerate 940 (from 858)
S.synclen 62 (default)
H.backporch 110 (from 57) 720 (default)
V.synclen 3 (default)
V.backporch 15 (default) 240 (default)

In short:
Increasing H.samplerate will stretch the image.
Increase H.backporch to bring the image to the center.

Some screen pics I took to demonstrate the result:

PS1 480i
PS1 480i

PS1 240p
PS1 240p

Genesis 320x224p
Genesis 320x224p

Genesis 256x224p

Genesis 480i

Snes 256x224p

Snes 256x239p

Snes 480i