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Thanks man, just what I was looking for. I was switching back and forth from AV1 and AV3 trying to see which one looked better but was stumped.

All my scart cables are from Retro Gaming Cables (UK) They are not pack a punch (for each console), but I do have some packapunch M to M Scart Cables from them, mainly because I am running x2 Hama Scart switchers (daisy chained) to get a total of x5 scart inputs on the “cheap”

Just on the topic of the Hama Scart Switches, they don’t seem to be 1/2 bad. I ordered x2 off and they don’t seem to have and video quality loss. There is a slight Audio buzz, but i was lucky enough to order the L/R RCA breakout cables on mine and can bypass the noise.

I have heard that the quality can vary on the Hama (alot of clones etc)