Reply To: scart or vga

Teddy Rogers

One thing I do not like about the Toro (this goes for the Akura too) is the slight colour shift/difference with its output. It is particularly noticeable with black colours becoming (crushed) more grey.

I agree with using AV1. For me the reason I would choose this over AV3 is for the combined audio in the SCART connector. The other big reason for me is I often find with AV3 I have to keep adjusting H.BACKPORCH to get the image correctly centred. I have no idea why this keeps shifting slightly, it can be anything from 111 to 115. One of the downsides to using AV1 is that it does not support RGBHV, it kind of works until it looses sync and starts to flicker after a few minutes.

I also agree about the detachable Toro cable coming loose. This is exactly the same problem on the Akura. It is worst thing about the Beharbros products…