Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


I bought a Camlink thanks to this thread but I have a X68000 problem.

With the OSSC and a Dell monitor I can switch between 15khz and 31khz modes at will and the display will adjust very quickly. Unfortunately the Camlink will work in one or the other but doesn’t like switching between them. If I start the OSSC up when the X68k is in 15khz it works fine but the computer end won’t switch to 31khz. The reverse is true, if I start the OSSC up when the X68k is in 31khz I can switch those resolutions but it won’t sync to 15khz. Turning the OSSC off/on will then resync the signal to whatever the X68k is outputting. An inconvenience more than a real issue but it does interfere with video capture.

I assume this is Camlink related as the issue occurs with both Elgato Capture and OSB. The OSSC appears to be switching but the sync isn’t being handled by the Camlink. Is there some specific settings I should play around with to try and improve this or is it simply a limitation of the device?

(Using the calmink also lets me use my old 42″ tv via mirrored display which won’t work with the OSSC otherwise)