Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


… I’m now wondering if this is a USB 3.0 issue. Perhaps my older motherboard has a particularly crappy USB 3.0 implementation. I’m going to buy one of those PCI-E USB3.1 expansion cards and see if that fixes the issue. Will let you guys know just incase anyone else stumbles into here with the same problem. My motherboard is a “P8H61/USB3” which I believe came out in 2011 and the USB3 uses ASMedia.

I knew that sounded familiar. A couple years back, I was researching the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3, and they advertised issues with ASMedia USB3 chips. Looking again, there’s a thread on the Blackmagic forums that discusses precisely this issue. I imagine the problems that plague the Intensity Shuttle on ASMedia USB3 chipsets are the same that are plaguing your Elgato Cam Link.