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Hello All,

Didn’t even see these replies – was going right into my junk folder 🙁

Again thanks for all the info, really helps with the setup.

Just curious since everyone in this thread is pretty familiar with the toro and the ossc AV1/3 specs…

Anyone ever have a ” horizontal ghosting” problem?

If I run the DC -> Toro -> OSSC -> AV1/Scart — It seems like there is a duplicate image of what you are seeing, but slightly to the right. For instance, the dreamcast logo will come up, and about 2-3mm to the right, you can see a faded version of it.

I use the RCA jacks @ the Toro to send the audio separately, and if I remove the RCA jacks, it closes the gap to about 1mm. Strange…

I’ve seen this happen before if you have super long scart cables, but I dunno anyone ever seen this?

I went back to using the AV3 for now since it isn’t doing this and seems to fit the screen a bit better (even though its probably the wrong resolution)