Reply To: OSSC and ABT Scalers (VP30,50,Edge)


Hi all,

First time poster here. Just got my OSSC a couple weeks ago. Been enjoying it tremendously at pass-thru and 2x. Now, starting to dig into getting more out of it, and incorporating my VP30 into the processing chain ahead of my Plasma, if possible.

Historically my setup has been:
For s-video, RF, RCA: consoles to plasma, plasma pass-thru to VP30, VP30 to HDMI capture
For HDMI, component and VGA: consoles to splitter, splitter to plasma and VP30, VP30 to HDMI capture

I am, of course, now moving consoles (and supergun) over to SCART output, and the setup looks like:
SCART/Component/VGA -> OSSC -> OSSC HDMI output -> HDMI splitter -> plasma and VP30 (-> HDMI capture) simultaneously

I would like to explore:
SCART/Component/VGA -> OSSC -> OSSC HDMI output -> VP30 -> VP30 HDMI output to HDMI splitter -> plasma and HDMI capture simultaneously

I started testing my current configuration with plasma and VP30 in parallel, to see what the VP30 can handle before reconfiguring things. Frankly, I’m not getting great results, beyond line2x and pass-thru.

The plasma will take line2x without a problem. The VP30 will take line2x most of the time. The only time it won’t is with SNES as the source and using optimize settings for 256×240.

The VP30 will not take line3x, whereas the plasma will from some sources (but not all).

I have been unable to get the plasma or VP30 to take line4x or line5x. In fairness, the plasma is limited to 720p/1080i, so I won’t expect it to do line5x.

On a side note, I have output the OSSC to my Sharp LCD (1080p, newer model), and it is handling line3x, 4x and 5x beautifully.

But, again, I would like to do some magic with the VP30 ahead of the plasma, for some higher resolutions via the OSSC.

If anyone has suggestions for the VP30, please share.