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    You don’t have to use those timings it’s up to you. I typically stick to 3x mode as I didn’t find 4x that much better considering the trade offs.


    Hello everybody,

    could you please tell me if it’s possible to use Line X5 with DVDO VP30?
    I tried several settings but it does not work for me.

    Also, I’m doing these tests because I’m really interested in 1080p for the CPS2_digiAV v1.0.
    I spoke with Markus and in his opinion Line X5 (and so also 1080p from the CPS2) has to work with my DVDO.

    I’d really appreciate any help from you guys.



    Line5x works on VP50 so I’d assume it should work on VP30 as well. One thing to note is that cadence detection must be disabled for that mode to avoid issues – you might need to use another 1080p source to do that.


    I don’t have cadence detection option, is it possible?!


    You need to update the firmware on your VP50 then.


    I have a VP30, not VP50, with v1.14 firmware.


    Hi all,

    First time poster here. Just got my OSSC a couple weeks ago. Been enjoying it tremendously at pass-thru and 2x. Now, starting to dig into getting more out of it, and incorporating my VP30 into the processing chain ahead of my Plasma, if possible.

    Historically my setup has been:
    For s-video, RF, RCA: consoles to plasma, plasma pass-thru to VP30, VP30 to HDMI capture
    For HDMI, component and VGA: consoles to splitter, splitter to plasma and VP30, VP30 to HDMI capture

    I am, of course, now moving consoles (and supergun) over to SCART output, and the setup looks like:
    SCART/Component/VGA -> OSSC -> OSSC HDMI output -> HDMI splitter -> plasma and VP30 (-> HDMI capture) simultaneously

    I would like to explore:
    SCART/Component/VGA -> OSSC -> OSSC HDMI output -> VP30 -> VP30 HDMI output to HDMI splitter -> plasma and HDMI capture simultaneously

    I started testing my current configuration with plasma and VP30 in parallel, to see what the VP30 can handle before reconfiguring things. Frankly, I’m not getting great results, beyond line2x and pass-thru.

    The plasma will take line2x without a problem. The VP30 will take line2x most of the time. The only time it won’t is with SNES as the source and using optimize settings for 256×240.

    The VP30 will not take line3x, whereas the plasma will from some sources (but not all).

    I have been unable to get the plasma or VP30 to take line4x or line5x. In fairness, the plasma is limited to 720p/1080i, so I won’t expect it to do line5x.

    On a side note, I have output the OSSC to my Sharp LCD (1080p, newer model), and it is handling line3x, 4x and 5x beautifully.

    But, again, I would like to do some magic with the VP30 ahead of the plasma, for some higher resolutions via the OSSC.

    If anyone has suggestions for the VP30, please share.


    Can anyone with a VP50 (not 50 pro) confirm that 480pX2 mode works when using the settings listed here? https://videogameperfection.com/2017/11/14/revisiting-480px2-changer/ (under “A more compatible 480px2”).



    Having a really weird issue with the VP50Pro’s colour with the OSSC.
    For whatever reason, when everything is set to 0, the image is extremely dark when compared to the vanilla OSSC output. I have to change the brightness to +80 and the contrast to -15 to get anywhere close.


    First is direct from the OSSC, Second is through the VP50Pro.
    It’s not a full/limited HDMI issue, since the black is black on both and everything is set to limited. I’ve triple checked all of that.

    Any ideas? It’s really substantially crushed, and I’ve got absolutely no idea why this would be. In addition, if this is known, does anyone have any settings I should set my VP50Pro to to properly pass the colour through?



    Hello, I have a Vp30 with the ABT102 deinterlacer chip. I don’t have an OSSC yet, I was hoping to get more info on the compatibility between the two devices.

    Also, would the main benefit of the OSSC be that 240p sources would be line doubled and displayed properly, as opposed to directly going to Vp30 which treats 240p as 480i?


    @Endgame22: I think it’ll depend on what you’re looking for. You very well could use the OSSC simply to gain 240p compatibility, but you have options beyond that. For example, I expect the VP30 (or your TV, for that matter) would generate a softer image when scaled to 1080p; if you prefer a sharper image, you could configure line5x for 240p on the OSSC and run that through the VP30 to smooth out any compatibility issues, or you could configure line4x for 240p and have the VP30 scale or windowbox that 960p to 1080p.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the OSSC supports line-doubling 480i to 960i, but, if the VP30 can force deinterlacing on progressive sources, you could set 480i to line4x to get a bob-deinterlaced 960p, and have the VP30 force deinterlacing and, again, scale or windowbox that to 1080p.


    Thanks. The Vp30 doesn’t deinterlace progressive signals, only interlaced. For most interlaced sources I’d probably use the Vp30 directly instead of OSSC.

    I’m not sure if the Vp30 would support 4x or 5x from OSSC.

    But if I can use the OSSC to increase lines for 240p, then output to Vp30 then it should just treat OSSC image as progressive scan?


    The VP30 might need to do some framerate conversion, but the OSSC would indeed be feeding it 480p if you just did line2x on 240p.


    How do you mean it may have to do framerate conversion? I could match framerate on both devices couldn’t I, if there’s any FR mismatch?


    I have a bit of a technical question that may sound a bit dumb (I am new to DVDO); would a DVDO iScan Duo be able to do a framerate conversion on NES/SNES RGB?
    Output frame rate on these consoles is 60.10 Hz and my capture card (Magewell Quad HDMI capture) is not able to capture these consoles from any of the OSSC output modes (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x). I wonder if an iScan Duo (I found a cheap offer) would be able to help here, so I figured I’d ask.

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