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Sure thing, for comparison to the pictures in my original post, this video is someone running DKC2 on 5x on an 65″ LG TV (, it looks almost identical to my PC Monitor so if I could get that image I’d be very happy. Haha I understand the blasphemy of trying to widescreen it, I just thought it’d be nice if I could do it without the image being stretched too much. Really my main goal here is to make my TV/the OSSC stop processing the pixels the way it does and get closer to that video I linked or even my PC monitor picture. I even tried the 240P Pass-through and 2x and it still looks too sharp on my TV, that first picture I linked to 2x is using those settings you recommended. I’ve tried absolutely every setting I can get my hands on through the TV’s menus, to no avail. Is it possible that I can’t remove more of the processing on the TV?