Reply To: OSSC primarly for PS2 use?


I haven’t fully dug into the ps2 yet…still noobing my way through all of my consoles and so far getting some amazing results from snes, dreamcast and Saturn. But I did find the “forcing progressive scan via component” technique for some games and of course the ossc handles them perfectly. The games that dont have the option, I’m also curious to know if 240p via scart is a given on all games or if that too is only some games.

If you’re going to be playing primarily 480i games, the ossc deinterlacing isnt the focus of the ossc, tho. It does decent deinterlacing while maintaining its ultimate promise of low lag.
Think of it as: trading a TV’s more intensive deinterlacing process for the ossc’s “lighter” deinterlacing process.

So, I guess the question is: what games will you primarily be playing and will you be happy with low lag/lag free play as opposed to probably cleaner deinterlacing from a digital TV ut at the expense of greater lag?