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Yeah, it really depends on how you are trying to balance cost/availability/simplicity/quality

I started with an XRGB mini, and while i personally rarely use it anymore, i’d still recommend it to someone starting out for it’s numerous options and high compatibility with pretty much everything. It’s inherent noise in solid colors issue though, drives me nuts now. It’s something I just can’t un-see (although it’s not as evident on stuff above 240p if you aren’t looking for it). Although to be fair i could never get scanlines to look right to me on it, and those would probably hide that noise. It is however, pricier than an OSSC, so YMMV.

For overall preference though, I’d recommend an OSSC feeding into a DVDO machine of some kind. Though again this costs more than just an OSSC obviously.

My personal chain for PS2 480i is a Videon Omega One -> OSSC -> DVDO. This is the only way I could get scanlines to look the way i want them. The Omega One seems pretty rare though.