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Yeah, it really depends on how you are trying to balance cost/availability/simplicity/quality

Exactly. It’s all down to personal tases and preferences: as for myself, I immediately loved how simple Line2X bob-deinterlaced, coupled with thick scanlines, looked on my monitors… It gave me a strong CRT feel, while keeping the perceivable flicker to a minimum degree (once again, not much differently from my experience on CRT displays).

That said, it was actually me bringing down this ‘after flicker’ apocalypse, last year or so, over at SHMUPS Formus, and – thanks to the precious help of people like Xyga and Thomago – we found out this nasty side effect is ultimately tied to the display itself, not properly ’caused’ by the OSSC (quick and dirty proof: the temporary image retention can also be replicated on the New Nintendo 3DS XL’s IPS screen, with games such as 3D Galaxy Force II, as well as on the Nintendo DSi XL).

That’s the reason why, in the end, I decided to stick with a TN panel, for my retro (and entirely OSSC-driven) setup. The loss in terms of image quality becomes more than acceptable, to me, when it comes to convenience and flexibility.