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And good news, I’ve managed to get line5x capturing with the Camlink. Not sure if anybody else is having the troubles I was, but below is what I had to do to get it working.

My first successful capture at line5x, via the Elgato Camlink. A few tricks:

1) Start Elgato’s Game Capture HD, and set the OSSC to any format that GCHD likes. Let it play for at least 10 seconds. I read that this puts the Camlink in “bulk mode”, and it seems this is necessary to make the next steps 4-7 happen.
2) After the 10 seconds is up, change OSSC to line5x mode. GCHD should detect it as 1080p60, but will freeze. 1080p60 has to be shown as the detected signal in GCHD.
3) Close GCHD
4) Set OSSC to line5x mode
5) Open VideoPad Video Editor, and go to the Record function
6) If you have the same experience as me, the video will freeze, but it will show in the pull-down on the right that it is 1920×1080.
7) Change the audio input device within VPVE to anything but the Camlink’s audio. Note, it will be necessary to get your audio from somewhere other than the HDMI input to the Camlink. I personally use a headphone out jack on my TV, and route that to a DJ mixer, which sends audio to a stereo amp and to the audio line in on my PC.
8) Once you have changed the audio device to something other than the Camlink’s native HDMI audio, the video should now be working.

I hope this helps others. YMMV

In my experience with the camlink: GCHD works with 2x and 3x, OBS works with 3x and 4x, and VPVE works with 5x.

:edit: This trick will work for all line5x modes. 🙂