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I also bought a Cam Link on the recommendation of this thread. I would just like to add this thing has been nothing but a nightmare. i basically have the same issues listed above. the thing will need to be unplugged or deactivated and reactivated constantly. I cant get it to do certain lineX others can. it works just fine with my ps4 and i have a newer motherboard and have had no bus issues with anything else.

On top of that.. i found a post talking about upgrading the firmware (hold ctrl and hit the settings button for the cam link) and the fckn thing bricked itself. it started flashing a new firmware, got to 99%, errored out telling me i already had the latest firmware and then it was dead.

I’m mainly interested in snes which gave me all kinds of issues in gchd and obs. i also have a live gamer extreme gc550 but it does like 2x with snes at best. Obviously snes is going to be one of the hardest to get compatibility for but we’ll see.