Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


Add me to the list of those with Cam Link issues. I could get it to recognize 2x and 4x modes, but not 3x or 5x. Problem is the capture is super choppy. Admittedly my PC has a slower processor but my Mac is well within the requirements and it still had choppy video. Add on to the fact that every time it lost sync (or I changed consoles) it would dismount from Windows and it drove me batty. OBS certainly doesn’t like devices that are there one minute, gone the next. Even after reconnecting, OBS couldn’t tell it was available. Updating the firmware didn’t help at all.

Luckly for me one day the Cam Link just up and died on me. Wasn’t recognized by any computer I plugged it into. I was within my 30 day return window so I returned it.

On the other hand I also have a Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI capture card, and the OSSC works really well with it. 2x, 3x and 4x work, though 3x takes a while to lock sync for some reason (but always does eventually). 5x shows an image but it’s pretty messed up and I haven’t dealt with it because currently I don’t need 5x for anything. I’m guessing I could get 5x dialed in if I really tried.

Most of the SC-512N1-L’s settings are default, though I did need to change HDMI/DVI bandwidth to 125% (one console seemed to req it) and I set the Color Range to Shrink. I also tweaked the brightness and saturation output of the card to perfectly match my Sony PVM I have sitting next to my computer monitor.

The only real issue I’ve had with the SC-512N1-L is how it handles me tweaking interlaced modes with the OSSC. For some reason if I fiddle with interlace settings on the OSSC too much it blue screens my computer. Once I got the settings how I liked them it was fine just switching to that profile, but changing things like Samplerate up and down quickly it didn’t like. But this was only on interlaced content, and I don’t like playing interlaced games on my PVM anyway, so I just decided to use Passthru on the OSSC to save myself the trouble and let the capture card deal with it instead.