Reply To: SNES not syncing


Talking strictly SNES here. I’ve been able to get my VP30 working with line4x in 4:3. It’s a bit flaky going direct to my TV, but if I process it through the VP30, the TV likes it just fine. I’ve got line3x kinda working in 256×224 optimized mode, on the TV. The VP30 doesn’t like it.

I had line5x working, apparently by some miracle, and then flashed to the new firmware and this is basically the best I’m getting now (even reverting back to the previous firmware that was flashed on my OSSC – 0.80).

So, the best solution I’ve found is line4x in 4:3, through the VP30. Hopefully it works for your VP50 as well, because then you get the added benefits of being able to overscan, underscan, etc. with the VP30, to get it to scale or fit your screen however you please (with some geometrical restrictions of course).

At any rate, here are the settings I’m using, hopefully they can help you. Note, devices will see it as 1280 x 1024*.

Sampling Opt
Sample Phase 56 Deg
<Adv Timing 1280 x 240>
H. Samplerate 1560
H. Synclen 72
H. Backporch 168
H. Active 1280
V. Synclen 3
V. Backporch 2*
V. Active 512

Post Process
Vert. Mask 28 pixels

*Alternatively, set V. Backporch to 18, and the OSSC will be outputting 1280×960. The VP30 will pass it through, but will not process it. Interestingly, it still seems to “smooth” the signal somehow, because the TV will like it from the VP30 but not direct from the OSSC.