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Hey guys,

Things have taken a strange turn.

My RetroGaming Csync Scart cable showed up today. I get nothing from the OSSC. Just says no sync.

Prior to trying out the cables, I put on a 470 ohm resistor on the CSYNC line while I did the mod linked above to the Neo Geo mother/daughterboard.

Thinking I may of botched the mod, i rolled it back (it’s easy enough) and yet again, still nothing.

Maybe it’s the cable or the port?? I have no idea because Audio still works as does the Yellow RCA jack (composite) and the S-video cable.

Luke Morris had a video on youtube, where some Inductors that looked like resistors had died on the board, but that killed all the video out puts and mine seem to be okay so I am somewhat lost as what to try next.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have a cap kit on the way, but will be a few weeks. I’ve also ordered a normal cable for that port that just has a yellow and white RCA. (to help rule out anything)