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The speaker systems I’m using are surf sounds speakers (Speakers made a long time ago).

I have switched to component cable for visual and then used a scart adapter to plug in the audio portion of the cable on the OSSC.
Will then flip the switch to get audio output from AV1.

Still need help with the selecting the correct video settings on the OSSC for PS2.

Thank you for the help so far guys.
I’ve had to order another PS2 because when I look at the display for my current PS2, it’s just totally messed up.
Colours, words all other stuff look all jumbled and flickering like crazy.

A few things to unpack here. First, does your TV support external speakers? Both my circa-2009 Samsung LCD and Sony Trinitron CRT have left and right RCA outputs for audio for passing through audio to external speakers. If your TV has this functionality (you might need to toggle an “External Speaker” option in the audio settings), I recommend you use this to send audio to your speaker system if you aren’t already. This way, any audio you send to your TV over HDMI will play on your speaker system.

Next, the best way to handle audio for the component input, AV2, is by using a female RCA to male 3.5mm TRS adapter, like this one, to connect audio to that 3.5mm TRS jack you’ve been using as an output. You will need to flip the aforementioned switch next to this jack (pull it toward you) in order to get it to function as an input for AV2. This will add the audio from AV2 to the HDMI signal.

Regarding the shakiness and color issues, the bob deinterlace for 480i content has that effect. Unfortunately, that’s the best deinterlacing you’re going to get out of the OSSC; anything better is going to require a different kind of framebuffer that the current OSSC does not have.

And, lastly, the color issue is probably due to mismatched video mode settings between the PS2 and the OSSC. If everything looks kind of green, it’s because the PS2 is outputting YPbPr, but you have the OSSC configured for RGBS or RGsB. Since you’re using a component cable, make sure both the Component Video setting on the PS2 is set to YPbPr and the input on the OSSC is set to AV2 YPbPr.