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Hi guys,

Sorry for th edelay in getting back, been a busy week and haven’t had a chance to even turn me OSSC on 🙁

It does it from the beginning providing im on the right AV channel ont he OSSC when I turn the PS1 on. If I turn the PS1 on then change the OSSC to the right AV channel it doesnt do it (I guess this is the same when I have to flick channels to fix the issue). So the startup Playstation logo starts doing thi s effect and then all the way intot he games. The one game I have bene playing is ‘Urban Choas’ where I noticed it on the launguage selection screen and then in the menus. You cant see it to well on 3D stuff, very very noticable on the 2D screens like menus and things.
Again the effect is like the playstation logo and menus screns are sumberged in water and you get that shimmer effect.. ill try and record in on my phone and link it, that may be better way to show you. The wave effect is so smooth that I thought it was normal to start with 🙂
Its not a flicker, I get a slight flicker when playing PS2 games on 2x BOB and im aware thats normal (and I actualy dont mind it).

also, I just set it to line4x in the output settings (I tried 5x but it goes off the screen at the bottom of the TV) and haven’t changed anything in the sampling options because I dont know what any of that means 🙂

Ill try some of the settings that you guys have suggested, no harm in trying.. im not to technical when it comes to these things so you have to bare with me.

Thank you guys very much for trying to help.. As said, I can fix it by changing channels away and back again or starting the ps1 then changing to the correct channel so its not serious as far as im concerned 🙂