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    Hi guys,

    Just a quick one, I purchased an OSSC 1.6 few weeks ago and have a number of systems using it including megadrive/MegaCD, snes, wii, ps2 and and ps1. Everything works perectly but I have noticed a weird thing with the ps1 AND only ps1. When I switch on the ossc then switch on the ps1 I can see the image slighty shimmering or waving which graduly gets worse as time goes on. the thing is, if I switch to any random other AV channel on the OSSC and back again its fixes it. It will be fine unti I reset the ps1 to lets say play another game, then I have to to do the switch over thing agian to fix.

    The ps1 is connected to the OSSC via a RetroGamingCable Packapunch Scart to Luma, standard hdmi cable from OSSC to TV, TV is a 2014 LG LED TV. I tried both my orignal and PSOne version of consoles, no differnece.

    Pretty much use standard settings on OSSC and just select 5x in output settings (though I tried them all) setup the scanlines, thats about it.. and I use the snes on excatly the same settings and thats perfectly fine, no wave effect.

    Its not a game killer as switching over and back fixes it just thought it was weird.

    Any ideas, anyone else have this?

    Cheers πŸ™‚


    First, please confirm your PS1 cable is indeed a PS1 cable (not PS2…there is a difference). The SCART head should have these capacitors on it: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/image/cache/catalog/playstation%20pcba%20left-1000×1000.jpg

    I’ll post my PS1 profile settings when I get back in front of my OSSC tonight, but a couple things that come immediately to mind, to try tweaking:

    Video In Proc. -> LPF
    Try the various options, to see if any one of them dials it in. 9mhz or auto should be the best, but it doesn’t hurt to try them all.

    Sampling opt. -> Sampling phase
    It’s a lot easier to dial this in with a 240p test suite. There is one for the ps1, but I haven’t used it and it’s not immediately clear to me if you simply burn the .bin file in the resources folder to a CD and run the CD, or if there’s some greater effort required: https://github.com/filipalac/240pTestSuite-PS1
    Your PS1 would also presumably need to be able to run back disks.
    Failing that, get to a static screen with lots of color, objects, etc, that will let you eyeball the effects of adjusting this setting.

    If someone has experience with the PS1 test suite, I’d be interested to know how to get it to work.


    Are you sure you aren’t just seeing the PS1’s start-up logo which is in interlace, therefore it will shimmer?

    Adjustment of sampling phase should only make a big difference in optimal modes. Optimal modes on the PS1 are rather difficult since it outputs at so many different resolutions in different games.


    Good point! What game or games are you seeing this in, FilthyGOblin? If you’re playing interlaced games, you will get interlaced flicker. 480i pass thru might help, if your TV does a better job of deinterlacing than the OSSC. But, it may come at the expense of some processing delay. The OSSC offers various deinterlacing schemes and output resolutions, with its main focus of low latency.

    Below is a video of Tekken 3, which is 480i gameplay and you can see it does result in a “flickery” appearance when going through the OSSC. Screenshots don’t capture the flicker well, and I cycled all of the line multiplication modes, including with and without upsampling 2x.

    Below that are screenshots from Street Fighter Alpha 2, which is a 240p game, and imho looks fantastic at line5x.

    Tekken 3 video:

    SFA2 screenshots (click on them to see them full-size):

    Not sure these are needed at this point, but in case you want them for comparison, here is what I have my OSSC set to for line5x, for these screenshots:
    Output Opt.>
    line2x mode, line3x mode, etc. – Generic 4:3

    Sampling Opt.>
    <Adv Timing>
    H. samplerate 2046
    H. synclen 150
    H. backporch 234
    H. active 1536
    V. synclen 4
    V. backporch 1
    V. active 264


    Hi guys,

    Sorry for th edelay in getting back, been a busy week and haven’t had a chance to even turn me OSSC on πŸ™

    It does it from the beginning providing im on the right AV channel ont he OSSC when I turn the PS1 on. If I turn the PS1 on then change the OSSC to the right AV channel it doesnt do it (I guess this is the same when I have to flick channels to fix the issue). So the startup Playstation logo starts doing thi s effect and then all the way intot he games. The one game I have bene playing is ‘Urban Choas’ where I noticed it on the launguage selection screen and then in the menus. You cant see it to well on 3D stuff, very very noticable on the 2D screens like menus and things.
    Again the effect is like the playstation logo and menus screns are sumberged in water and you get that shimmer effect.. ill try and record in on my phone and link it, that may be better way to show you. The wave effect is so smooth that I thought it was normal to start with πŸ™‚
    Its not a flicker, I get a slight flicker when playing PS2 games on 2x BOB and im aware thats normal (and I actualy dont mind it).

    also, I just set it to line4x in the output settings (I tried 5x but it goes off the screen at the bottom of the TV) and haven’t changed anything in the sampling options because I dont know what any of that means πŸ™‚

    Ill try some of the settings that you guys have suggested, no harm in trying.. im not to technical when it comes to these things so you have to bare with me.

    Thank you guys very much for trying to help.. As said, I can fix it by changing channels away and back again or starting the ps1 then changing to the correct channel so its not serious as far as im concerned πŸ™‚


    It actually happened to me once, with my Japanese SEGA Saturn. I was messing around with my scart switchers, as I couldn’t remember which port the RGB cable was plugged into, so I was swapping a bit. I thought it was due to what I was doing, and – as you already noted – changing channel fixed it immediately.

    I’ll try and see if I can replicate it tonight, or tell you what I do when I boot up my Saturn, since I don’t recall it happening ever again, after that one time.

    Edit – In case it can help, I’m not using an RGC cable with the Saturn, as mine got somehow damaged (still wondering how it could happen…) and stopped carrying audio to the right channel, so I went back to the one I previously bought from TheFoo83.


    I also have this issue. Only way to fix is to change to another input and then go back to input1 (RGBS – AV1). This issue does not occur on PS1 games on PS2, only on PS1 so is not game specific.

    The Sony intial boot up logo causes the shimmer and then once its gone if you switch inputs it clears the problem.

    If you turn the OSSC on after the Sony logo has disappeared you don’t get this issue.

    I’ve had a playabout with the settings but nothing fixes other then switching to another input and switching back.


    Is it a PAL or NTSC PS1, by the way?


    PAL PS1


    PAL PS1 playing PAL or NTSC software?

    PAL PS1 software is known to have some compatibility issues on certain sets.

    PAL PS1s forced to play NTSC software do so with a very off spec refresh rate.


    Thanks for taking time to look into this issue. I think the OSSC is a seriously great product and I love it, so I don’t mean any disrespect by saying that I think this is an issue with the OSSC and nothing else.

    Let me clarify the issue exactly.

    I only use PAL PS1 software but its irrelevant in regards to this, as the problem occurs if there is no game in the console.

    It’s not the display, my primary TV is an LG TV and once the shimmer has started to test I have moved the HDMI to my secondary Samsung TV and the shimmer still occurs.

    To fix I change the input on the OSSC then change the input back. This fixes the issue until the PS1 restarts. There are no shimmer effects reoccurring from 240p to 480i transitions.

    Turning the OSSC on and off also stops the shimmer effect and also turning the OSSC off once the shimmer effect has gone does not make it come back.

    There is only one place the shimmer effect occurs and that is if the OSSC is already on during PS1 boot/restart and the Sony Enternainment screen is displayed (White background and orange diamond). If you turn the OSSC on after boot the shimmer effect doesn’t happen.

    Something to note when the shimmer is occurring the OSSC shows 49.88Hz.
    After either turning the OSSC off and on, or changing input making it work fine again the OSSC shows 50.00Hz.
    (This is on the PS1 boot and menu screen that shows Memory Card and CD Player)

    I hope that clarifies everything and sorry if I’ve come across rude in anyway or misinformed.

    I’m hopeful there can be a firmware update that maybe could fix this issue but to be honest it’s no major gripe as it’s simple to remedy and will last until you restart the PS1.


    Does your cable have the capacitors in the SCART end? The PS2 does not need capacitors but the PS1 does.

    Does the shimmer also happen if you turn on the OSSC during the white screen? I have noticed that my PS1 outputs 59.27hz right before showing the boot screen at 50Hz so that might have something to do with your issue.


    It’s the PS1 cable from Retro Gaming Cables which contains the scart capacitors.

    I need to check but I think if it’s during the sequence it doesn’t happen it’s almost like theres an initial spike when you 1st turn the PS1 on.


    Any news on how to fix this yet?
    I have this with my pal ps1 but it is fine in 59hz on my ps1

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