Reply To: How Many Cables?


For the NES and SNES consoles, you’ll need a RetroTINK 2X, which will get you HDMI out; and then you can get a cheap active (must be active) MiniHDMI to VGA converter, which you can then connect to the OSSC on AV3 (You’ll need another female stereo RCA to male 3.5mm TRS adapter to connect audio for AV3). There are other converters out there, but the cheap ones will add lag, and the good ones are unobtanium these days.

As for the GameCube, you can get the official component cable, if your budget allows; or you can get an S-Video cable, or you can get one of the GCVideo things, like the one from EON, that just pops into the back of your console and gives you HDMI output.