How Many Cables?

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    Awesome! Thanks for the input.

    One more question since NES and N64 are not native compatible with OSSC. If I bought a composite to SCART adapter (like this one: and then bought a SCART to SCART cable to connect to the OSSC, would I at least be able to see the picture even though it may not be HD quality?


    No, the adapter does not magically change the composite signal into rgb. OSSC accepts only rgb and component signals.


    For the NES and SNES consoles, you’ll need a RetroTINK 2X, which will get you HDMI out; and then you can get a cheap active (must be active) MiniHDMI to VGA converter, which you can then connect to the OSSC on AV3 (You’ll need another female stereo RCA to male 3.5mm TRS adapter to connect audio for AV3). There are other converters out there, but the cheap ones will add lag, and the good ones are unobtanium these days.

    As for the GameCube, you can get the official component cable, if your budget allows; or you can get an S-Video cable, or you can get one of the GCVideo things, like the one from EON, that just pops into the back of your console and gives you HDMI output.


    Thanks for those additional tidbits. Will GCvideo work with HDMI splitters?


    I didn’t realize things were so complicated when I began this endeavor.

    Let me be the first to say: Welcome to the Club! 🙂

    I got my OSSC almost 4 months ago, at which time I had an unmodded genesis model 1 (non-HDG version) with low-end scart cable, and SNES multi-chip with low-end scart cable. I was perfectly happy with s-video, component and 720p HDMI from my other consoles, direct to a badly aging plasma TV that natively supported those inputs, and for the snes and genesis – a cheap chinese upscaler. I now have proper scart cables for all of my consoles, those of which required modding have been modded – genesis model 1 HDG w/ bypass amp, N64 rgb modded, Sega Saturn, SNES Mini w/ rgb mod and dejitter board, PS1, PCE Core Grafx 2 w/ SSDS3 (and CG2 internal rgb mod). My Xbox original and Wii already had proper official component cables (thankfully), my PS2 has gotten an upgrade to its component cables, and my Dreamcast has gotten an upgrade to its VGA cable. Oh, and that aging plasma was replaced with a TCL 49″ known for low latency. Jeez, now that I look at it, it appears to be a bit of an obsession.

    All that aside, are you comfortable with modding? All of the below could be brought to SCART by modding.

    Atari 2600
    SNES – is yours a SNES mini/jr.?

    You will probably also find (if you haven’t already) that the decisions start centering around cost vs. benefit as well.


    You could get an Extron Crosspoint and run all your RGB capable consoles to it, then run the OUT of the Extron Crosspoint in to the OSSC via a BNC to SCART cable.

    Extron Crosspoints are big matrix switchers. Matrix meaning that you can have multiple in to multiple out.. It can be thought of simply as a switchbox that can run to your OSSC.

    The little hurdle here is surfing eBay to get an Extrton Crosspoint, but they do seem quite available as of the time of this writing.

    If you’re still unsure of cables, what is RGB capable, etc.. I highly recommend watching the RGB Masterclass Playslist on the My Life In Gaming YouTube channel.

    If you live in Canada, Leon Kiriliuk is a great modder who will RGB mod your N64. He did mine and couldn’t be happier with the work. He even added a JTAG connector on the RGBN64 Board so I can update the firmware whenever its needed!

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