Reply To: How Many Cables?


I didn’t realize things were so complicated when I began this endeavor.

Let me be the first to say: Welcome to the Club! 🙂

I got my OSSC almost 4 months ago, at which time I had an unmodded genesis model 1 (non-HDG version) with low-end scart cable, and SNES multi-chip with low-end scart cable. I was perfectly happy with s-video, component and 720p HDMI from my other consoles, direct to a badly aging plasma TV that natively supported those inputs, and for the snes and genesis – a cheap chinese upscaler. I now have proper scart cables for all of my consoles, those of which required modding have been modded – genesis model 1 HDG w/ bypass amp, N64 rgb modded, Sega Saturn, SNES Mini w/ rgb mod and dejitter board, PS1, PCE Core Grafx 2 w/ SSDS3 (and CG2 internal rgb mod). My Xbox original and Wii already had proper official component cables (thankfully), my PS2 has gotten an upgrade to its component cables, and my Dreamcast has gotten an upgrade to its VGA cable. Oh, and that aging plasma was replaced with a TCL 49″ known for low latency. Jeez, now that I look at it, it appears to be a bit of an obsession.

All that aside, are you comfortable with modding? All of the below could be brought to SCART by modding.

Atari 2600
SNES – is yours a SNES mini/jr.?

You will probably also find (if you haven’t already) that the decisions start centering around cost vs. benefit as well.